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  • About: Hi im a Midmaster Protoss and i play Sc2 since beginning of 2012 i give free coaching for protoss and if youre zerg or terran we can also practise together :)
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  • mhh in reply to hmm by BeastlyDayKnight

    Well i actually dont wanna spend any money on sc2 ehh and i dont even know how paypal and all works :(
  • Diamond Protoss Looking for Coach!

    Hi i am a high diamond toss and i did like a 5 month break from sc2 now im back but i cant make it into masters aigan :/ Can someone pls coach me ?? I've been coachign ppl in ...
  • you forgot something in reply to Skype Practice Group by GMFaustus

    I'd be interested in it i can also coach ppl. since i ex master palyer. whats your SKYPE NAME THO??
  • My dt build is almost safer than this one and better in reply to Safest PvP Build ( Modified DT Expand) by sandman

    i almost do the same just that i only add one gate but my robo like at 5:40 and first warpin at like 6:40 when i can but down my TC early (if he doesnt scout in my base) and ...
  • Cant help :( in reply to Diamond Protoss Cannot deal with mass roach or hydra by foxcode

    I wouldreally like to help you but for some silly reason i can't open the replays on my pc sorry -.- But afaik when you do pheonix opening into colss u need to do shit tone of dmg wth pheonix ...
  • i can help in reply to [H] Terrible low APM Bronze League Newbie Protoss needs build!!! by BaconBankai

    ehh im midmaster toss i cn give u some fre coahcing just add me on skype: aljoscha.dietrich1
  • okay add me then in reply to Don't think it'll be a prob by samuelspark

    my skypename: aljoscha.dietrich1
  • awesome but im not sure if it works in reply to Add me by samuelspark

    Im not sure if we can play together just realized :( im from EU and i think there is no way to switch to different servers but i really apprecitae it
  • I can give you free coaching in reply to Be a better gamer by MrZalib

    I am a midmaster protss and i also want to become a pro gamer. I can help you on your way. Im coahcing alot of people lately. So if youre interested just add me on skype: aljoscha.dietrich1
  • Looking for hearthstone coach

    Hi im atm rank 16 in hearthstoen but i want to improve so im looking for some kind of coach i can give sc2 coahcing in return im master leage in sc2. i'd appreciate it if u'd respond to this ...
  • I can help. in reply to Friend has ladder anxiety by mertzlufft

    So if he is afraid of 1v1 just tell him every loss is paradoxically something good. Each time he looses a game lets saay he looses 100 games he has 100 games to look for his mistakes and improve. If ...
  • Looking for a frenchman!!

    Hey any frenchman here that needs some free coaching?(only protoss tilll diamond league) (for return helping me with french homework)
  • I can coach you in reply to Coaching, I am the bad. by mitchell.schofield.9

    Hi im a midmaster protoss from germany. I coach alot of guys so ihave quite a bit of experience in it. its for free ofc. Add me in skype if youre interested: aljoscha.dietrich1
  • allright cool! in reply to Uhh I could try coaching toss by EliteLegend

    aye ima add u then im not online on NA that often tho im frim eu :/ can u add me on kspye? my skypenameis : aljoscha.dietrich1
  • lalalalaa in reply to Random master looking for practice partner! by FIghtingFrog

    Hi im midmaster Protoss i hate terran so i need some practise inpvt would be cool if u could add me here on skype im online in skype all the time. skypename: aljoscha.dietich1 btwe i also play on eu server!!
  • I need help too in reply to OK Cool by EliteLegend

    Hi EliteLegend do you also coach protoss? If not well i am toss and i have so much trouble in pvt im masters league atm would be great if u could help me!
  • I Need a coach!

    Hi im a midmaster protoss and im looking for a coach. So if youre highmaster or midmaster and youre jsut good in pvt ( because atm i have like 25% winratio aiagnst terran) then pls respond to that post!
  • Looking for practise Partner!!!

    Hi im a midmaster Protoss looking for a terrran to pracise with because i need to improve my pvt! So if youre interested just add me here on skype: aljoscha.dietrich1
  • sup in reply to Looking for a practice buddy! by IkiReos

    well i can help you in the match up pvt then im a midmaster protoss. add me inskype if u want: aljoscha.dietrich1
  • ... in reply to Hi by Jusseppe

    im barcode on na ususlay just play on eu so add me in skpye otherwise i cant contact you