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  • thanks in reply to 1rax FE into Reactor hellion/cloaked banshee play XD by ArcD

    thanks a lot man
  • sure in reply to No problem by Ian3221

    my id is: illuminati (fucked up id i know lol, is not really my account)
  • thanks in reply to Suggestions by Ian3221

    nice that will definetely help a lot, thank you man
  • thank you in reply to The best way by LordMatsu

    thanks a lot, ill upload some replays so u can help me, thanks man
  • I need help in TvZ

    Hi, im completely new to SC2, i got it about a week ago, im Terran and of course in bronze league, i realized i have been having struggles against Zerg, im playing WoL at the moment so please if you ...