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  • NEW DATE AND TIME in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Info in the original post. <3
  • Starting Again in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    It's about a month 'til Pax East, and I want my abs back, dammit! But I have a hard time making myself do anything. SO I found this 30 day challenge that takes 2-9 minutes per day. I figure if ...
  • YOSH! in reply to Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge by 1opinionated

    My body is NOT ready, but it needs to be. What time, Marsha?
  • We did it!! in reply to Rabbit Workout Date by Lecta

    Thanks, Marsha for coming and getting me moving. I'll be doing it the same time next week!
  • Fantastic! in reply to Not been very active on here.. by tragicsupergirl

    You have done such a great job staying disciplined and keeping up the hard work!
  • It's Soon in reply to If my time zone converter isn't lying by tragicsupergirl

    But I don't know exactly when.
  • Rabbit Workout Date in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hi, darlings! I know that those of us on Twitter talked about doing a group workout on Rabb.it, but we never talked about scheduling, and it never happened. So I'm just taking charge and saying that I'm going to be ...
  • Mmm eating in reply to Stress Eating by 1opinionated

    I stopped keeping snacks in the house because I stress eat and I eat when I'm bored. If I don't have any food ready to pop in my mouth, I might wander into the kitchen and poke around, but I'm ...
  • On Dropped Frames This Week... in reply to He likes it by Grekain1

    He said it was great. Also, the streamer gets the same amount of monetary support as a regular sub, so there's no reason to dislike it. A sub is a sub.
  • 9/22/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Overwatchin' it up in here!
  • Use Rabb.it Instead! in reply to Who wants to do some yoga with me? by 1opinionated

    I'm totally down, but Skype is a pile of ballsacks, and I refuse to download it. Rabb.it is free, and you don't need to synch anything!
  • 5/19/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Somebody tweeted the game late, so I'm posting late too. yey. BUT it's Blasterbots this week! Actual yay!
  • 4/7/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Wormies Explode Each Other! That's the name of the game we're playing, right? (No... it's not. It's Worms Armageddon.)
  • LOL in reply to to be honest its a little creepy :P by joejoefine

    it's not natural for a grown man to imagine he's a sea monster 5 nights a week!! It's hilarious.
  • Nice in reply to dayKracken emote by mnkeymasta

    I like it!! Very cute!! I pictured it as having Sean's smiling face on it but with one really big eye and being a bit more tentacle-y (not having more tentacles, just more serpentine... like.. more motion.. perhaps if not ...
  • 3/31/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Blasterbots is the name of the game. Try not to explode yourself.
  • You Ladies Are All Amazing! in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Seriously. Any progress (even just making it to the gym that day) is fantastic, but you guys are blowing this shit out of the water!! Now that I'm not living in the wilderness, I have the opportunity to go to ...
  • 3/3/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Tonight, we lie to each other in Secret Hitler! NOTE: You MUST have Tabletop Simulator in order to play.
  • 2/25/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Pictionary!! Bring your imaginations and your crayons to the SC2 arcade! NOTE: We will be starting early because Sean is not streaming. The hangout will start at 7pm Pacific, and the stream will start at 7:30pm Pacific
  • 2/18/16 in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    It's the 4v4 battle of APM everyone fears: Monobattles! NOTE: The hangout will start at 7pm Pacific, and the stream will start at 7:30pm Pacific because Sean is NOT streaming this week.