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  • From what I've noticed, in reply to Some people do... by NakeDex

    Decks with a huge variety of colors are a fairly recent part of the meta, at least from what I can tell, and a lot of that has to do with the introduction of lands with multiple color pools. Before, ...
  • ⌐(Day[9]) in reply to All about Anti-Sean by Bontage

    ⌐(Day[9]) Has no clue what ⌐ means⌐(Day[9]) Thinks math majors use numbers⌐(Day[9]) Believes that your GPA is a sacred tool which determines the value of your future⌐(Day[9]) Has chicken-legs⌐(Day[9]) Genuinely enjoys eating salads and drinking skim-milk
  • Depends in reply to Indeterminacy (Literature) by LordMatsu

    Personally, I love self-interpretation as it can lead into an open discussion and exploration of the story since, in the end, our interpretation is going to be subjectively-based, and we could all discern a different meaning given the same story. ...
  • Similar circumstances, different scenario? in reply to Greenscreen - love it or hate it? by Blartz

    It seemed like there was quite the backlash against the implementation of Day[9]'s Day-Off originally (Correct me if I am wrong), just as with the new green-screen. Personally I have no problem with this new addition to the cast and ...
  • D: in reply to One step ahead of you by Day9

  • Wow, in reply to Totally :D by LordMatsu

    I hope I have the opportunity to learn a few of those languages myself, but I know I'll need to move somewhere where I can immerse myself in the language to fully develop an understanding. I'm mainly learning Spanish because ...
  • Hahah in reply to I like most animes by LordMatsu

    I looked through your list several times to make sure, but then I looked at the name in Japanese and thought..."Naw." And you are correct, I don't speak Japanese, maybe one day, but I want to finish learning Spanish first ...
  • We seem to have very similar tastes! in reply to More Dark/Psychological/Thriller/Sci-fi anime by LordMatsu

  • It was. in reply to Girls just wanna have fun by ahodd1

    ManvsGame pointed it out on his stream (after his wife pointed it out to him his first play-through). If you sit on the menu screen you can hear quite a few contemporary (relatively speaking) songs made old-timey. The story and ...
  • I like your that explanation better... in reply to Basically by LordMatsu

    Mine's very pessimistic and doesn't take into account the utilitarian aspect of the switch.
  • Maybe a trend? in reply to DAY [9] by mikast

    I've noticed several streamers who have started using sub-only during their broadcasts lately, and even though they have somewhat differing reasons I believe the largest of which is very simple. Although there are many of us non-subs who will chat ...
  • Hmmm in reply to Day9tv Bathrobe, What this world needs. by superfisk

    I don't wear bathrobes, but I would probably still purchase one just because it's a Day9 bathrobe...and to actually have a bathrobe.
  • Hopefully in reply to He loves to scout too much by LordMatsu

    He doesn't skip out on the missions at Sky(h/e you spell it) Station. If he remembers the BW campaign very well he'll be in for a surprise with the ultra evo mission. Oh the memories!
  • It will take a long time... in reply to "Violent videos games cause violence has been difficult to prove." by ntucker

    before they come to accept that fact. This kind of phenomenon is very cyclical in nature, the same people spouting-off about video games creating violence might have been the same "rebels" listening to classic rock 'n roll or taking part ...
  • I can agree with your point... in reply to You guys are joking right? by Forward

    except when you equate animal abuse, adultery, assault, and recreational drug use with cheating at sports. Apples and oranges. The point made in Per Sikker's post was that we should not support individuals who cheat at their sport, not if ...
  • Exactly in reply to yeah by noel.barrymore

    I loved the contrast between the two campaigns and how they emphasized different styles of play. I can't wait to see how LoTV will play out. Of course there's another couple of years there, but I'm a patient kind a ...
  • Hmm... in reply to Yeah.. by louis.hutson

    I felt that was one of the strengths of the campaign. The faster paced always seemed to be my impression of the Zerg as a species, constantly scouting, attacking, and growing without rest. I thought they pulled off that aspect ...
  • I went... in reply to Lurkers by Wolfenight

    with the other evolution route, but I had the same thoughts as you did. I'm sure there are ways to play through the campaign at a much slower pace, but it seems to be intrinsically fast and keeps you wanting ...
  • Welp... in reply to Oh baby :D by LordMatsu

    Looks like I'm gonna be makin' some time to watch the next daily or two for sure, maybe more depending upon how long he'll be streaming.
  • sc2casts.com in reply to PLEASE HELP by tentative_panda

    That's where I do all my spectating of SC2 if it's not on day9.tv.