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  • Different version in reply to Worker Rushed by Slowbro

    Something like happens to me all time but quite different, firs I have to state that I have the Latin American version of SC2, this means that the names of some units and with that their hotkeys are different, and ...
  • Like a bad action movie in reply to New HotS Explosive Death Animations by Xdeathknight

    To me it just looks like Blizzard hired Michael Bay as a progamer, it just too exagerated, to the point of bieng goofy and stupid. But it's just my opinion.
  • There are in reply to Are any of the Amnesia customs actually good? by itsbecca

    There's a official page for those, don't remember it tough, some actually won prizes from Frictional in a contest, some are really well made, none as scary as the original tough.
  • The foundation in reply to Yes! by Naerina

    Oh my god and here I tought I was the only one that knew about the foundation, I have been following since like 2 years ago, and it's got to be the best reading material in the whole internet, the ...
  • The friendly replay sharing guide

    Ok, since some the forums have been up many people are having problems sharing they're replays (to either get some help or just to share something amazing), so I decided to post a guide on how to sucesfully share your ...
  • Woohh in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    Ok this actually happened yesterday but since the thread is here now why not put it to good use.Yesterday when I was playing the placement matches I was able to beat a Silver just by doing a good macro, when ...
  • Battletag in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Just so you people know you can't add someone in Starcraft II with the battletag, you need the character code, the battletag only works for Diablo III. So I suggest all the people that posted their Battletag to edit it ...
  • Count me in, sorta in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Name: LexenderServer: NACode: 842