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  • i wouldnt be to sure of that in reply to I'll be low silver soon by

    I was top bronze in wol couldnt get up to silver no matter what.. i qualified silver in hots took a day or two then gold and now im top gold and playing vs plats.. things can change fast so ...
  • Im game in reply to Tournament of Casters by AquaMarine

    The prize pool could be sponsored if we could get the casters to give a promise to enter if the prize pool hits a certain number. A fun idea for casting in my opinion would be that each match has ...
  • Land of the Zerg in reply to All the things by Riuna

    Dont know if this has been posted already but I just got to share this video with you.
  • This is a sport, this is e sport, this is our sport

    This video showed up on my recommendations on youtube due to dApollo liking it and it sent chills down my spine. You can even spot our very own Day[9] in it.