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  • About: Japanese/Chinese/Filipino/Hawaiian descent. Fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and currently studying Korean. _____________________________________ eSports Enthusiast, spreading the word of Video Games and Technology. _____________________________________ Super active on the Day[9] TV Forums (kind of too active) to help people on the ladder or just to talk to the amazing people of this community. _____________________________________
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  • Updated! in reply to List of All Games Sean has played Live by LordMatsu

    It's done! Sorry it takes so long.
  • Will update this weekend in reply to List of All Games Sean has played Live by LordMatsu

    Been super busy the past few months and will update it this weekend hopefully.
  • UPDATED! in reply to List of All Games Sean has played Live by LordMatsu

    Sorry been super busy but I'll continue to try and update this when time opens up :)
  • You didn't think that in reply to Your Lie In April Destroyed Me by SolidTyler

    Anime will produce another miracle deus ex machina ending? I kind wish they did, but then didn't as much as I loved Kaori.
  • These might be in reply to Viewing by cohLysion

    Automatically open because on my modem I dont have any ports open unless they're open automatically. And I can stream and watch.
  • I don't think in reply to Question about Ports and Twitch.tv by mumblecrust

    There is any? I've streamed and watched streams, yet don't think I've opened any ports.
  • I'll say 42 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 1 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Death Count @ 3pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Cause I'm guesstimating at least one death every 15 minutes with an average of an 8 hr stream. That's totally the reason why...
  • Well then in reply to Ah ha!  He does know by zeek

    I stand corrected.
  • I only said that in reply to True by Adept7777

    Cause LotV campaign will be faster to beat than Fallout 4.
  • Added Discord in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Instead of RC since I think we're moving over? If there are problems, I'll try to fix them asap. Know that Discord is still in development so not everything is perfect, but I'll do my best to help you.
  • Don't quote me on this in reply to Day9 Playing the LotV Campaign by Adept7777

    But he'll probably run through the campaign first, then Fallout 4.
  • +1 in reply to The Cat Lady by AnArtisticSeaMammal

    I never played the game but watched Jesse play it and it was amazing. Definitely would love to see a MW on it.
  • I'm gonna close this thread in reply to Is sean doing a fright week this year? by LandOfDen

    If Sean wants to do a Fright week, he will. He knows how much people want him to, but he doesn't like scary games. If you want him to doing something this year, try tweeting him instead.
  • Yea there's Eng in reply to Raidcall is now Russian Only by Joemonk3y

    We can stick to Raidcall. Up to the majority of the DayKnights. The link is supposed to never expire, but I think it does when I shut down my computer.
  • Raidcall updated to Russian in reply to Yeaaaah by Omega068

    It seems okay? But up 2 you guys. If you want to switch to Discord. The invite link "supposedly" doesn't have an expire limit, but I guess it still does lol.
  • Discord in reply to Willing to experiment by 1opinionated

    Is super easy so far. The downloadable app isn't really an app. It's only to connect your microphone to the server for push to talk. Everything else is all browser. But if there's an easier alternative, we can do that.
  • Gotta recommend in reply to Favorite podcasts? by Kai.Herbertz

    Radiolab if people don't already listen.
  • If people rather in reply to Razer Comms by Darth.Victory

    Do Razor Comms, we can do that as well. If you've tried it already and recommend it then cool :D we won't change over til RC RU changes over.
  • It should work now in reply to I'm down for whatever by Joemonk3y

    Sorry about that. Somehow it expired.
  • Nah in reply to If Needed by ZeroSigma

    I would rather borrow someone's server if they already have one set up, then take money to fund one ourselves. Thanks for the offer, but I'm sure we'll find an alternative :D