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  • About: Japanese/Chinese/Filipino/Hawaiian descent. Fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and currently studying Korean. _____________________________________ eSports Enthusiast, spreading the word of Video Games and Technology. _____________________________________ Super active on the Day[9] TV Forums (kind of too active) to help people on the ladder or just to talk to the amazing people of this community. _____________________________________
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  • Sean super happy ^_^ in reply to Day[9] Daily #521 - LiquidSea funky PvT style! by Day9

    Is it me or Sean just extra super happy this daily? I mean he already excited and super awesome in all the other dailies, but he giving off an extra happy aura :D. I'm guessing cause of Lone Star Clash ...
  • Read Sean's Blogs :) in reply to I don't know but you can... by itsbecca

    Super helpful, try to do something for E-sports, get your name out there like rebecca said. Then you'll get to know people.
  • Awww in reply to I love you guys. by ALnoivmee

    Although I'm part of the LoL community as well as the SC2 community, I have to say I meet both the ragers and the cool people roughly the same amount of time for both games.
  • YAWP in reply to He said on daily by Saucy

    I forgot what Daily, but I can look for it.... it was super recent. I think right before Fright week or during...
  • Apparently... in reply to Halloween 2013 by LordMatsu

    He's gonna play as soon as it comes out!!! SO EXCITED!!!
  • Different approach to 'slow' in reply to LOL I NOT SLOWER THEN SCII by jonas.knofel

    I meant slow by, the first 20 minutes of the game is just lane-ing. Yea, there are some ganks around by Jungle and mid going bottom or top. But until a turret goes down, there's a lot of lane-ing and ...
  • Ao Oni (Blue Demon)

    I saw someone post Ib and it reminded me Aoi Oni. It's a simple RPG horror game based around a Blue Demon. You basically run from it whenever you see it. And you're trying to escape the house that you ...
  • Nate can in reply to Sorry by jnune09

    When he sees this.
  • Never give up, Never surrender. in reply to hello day 9 by warcheetah

    Going pro is a tough ride, just don't give up and study. It's just like actual school, so much practice and studying that is required to do well as a progamer. Caster is still hard, but a lot easier than ...
  • I love food! in reply to The NomNomNom Thread by Riuna

    It's the best thing besides Starcraft II!!!! I love Strawberry Short Cake (well anything strawberries), Rice, and Red Meat. LOL I'm weird but those 3 types of food is AWESOME! :D
  • Simple I think... in reply to Starcraft Vs Leauge of Legends Esports Scene by DDthekingg

    LoL is much easier than SC2, I take that back...I won't say that it's super easy to get to 2200 ELO, but I think LoL is more casual. SC2 requires a lot of precise timing and position to get better. ...
  • I totally agree! in reply to How Day[9] Became My Hero by krisna.siv

    I love that clip, I've used that concept many times and it's nice to see other people think the same way :D
  • Inspired me too in reply to Glad you put this up :) by mirrageofhope

    Over the last 2 years, he's evolved me. I recently took up BioEngineering to improve E-Sports in gameplay by utilizing our brain. I'm sure he's helped many many people indirectly and not even know it lol
  • I thought so, tis why I said so in reply to Sean uses Firefox by ntucker

    But didn't remember 100%.
  • Totally agree! in reply to Love the series! PLAY THIS DAY[9]! by Musick

    I'll even chip in for the game :D He's going to play the new Amernesia right when it comes out, but there's no stopping to have him play Dead space during next year's halloween :D
  • Down to play just about any game :D in reply to Steam by rsm241

    Not rich, but down to play any games with people :DLordMatsu
  • TBH, I'd enjoy watching Day9 play probably anything in reply to Day[9] Custom Map-age by sean.das.37

    I say probably, cause I haven't encountered anything I haven't enjoyed yet. His commentary on anything he plays is hilarious. :D Day9 for Life.
  • It should work now in reply to The link by mirrageofhope

    Lol some reason didn't input the link XD
  • Colossus in reply to Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative by mirrageofhope

    This guy has a few really good SC2 drawings
  • Hiatsu cause of Optober in reply to New "Funday Monday" Idea by siddify

    I think after MLG, Funday Monday will resume.