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  • About: Japanese/Chinese/Filipino/Hawaiian descent. Fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and currently studying Korean. _____________________________________ eSports Enthusiast, spreading the word of Video Games and Technology. _____________________________________ Super active on the Day[9] TV Forums (kind of too active) to help people on the ladder or just to talk to the amazing people of this community. _____________________________________
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  • Got a Medal! in reply to Day[9] Re(nt)minder by sheesha

    He totally did it himself :D
  • Nonono in reply to You found it! by Saucy

    He says it the other way around. For several dailies, he's said "I deal with letters not numbers." But in a recent daily, probably within the last few weeks, he said, "I deal with numbers not letters." I really want ...
  • We all do in reply to title by Biatryce

    I tend to like a lot of different ones too, can't explain why lol
  • Totes! in reply to Also on TeamLiquid by dmann714

    I hope you can good feedback :D I'm not much of a critique so I can't honestly say whether it's good or not. But I hope you get good feedback :D
  • Make it all more the anxious! in reply to Of Course! by Eureka

    Lol, Japanese companies tend to do that... for one anime I'm watching, first 12 episodes, then 3 more episodes later. Probably comes with the DVD/BluRay :/ so ughhh!
  • Eureka Seven in reply to Eureka 7 by Eureka

    I have to say it is one of my favourites too :D are you watching Eureka Seven AO?
  • Higurashi & K-ON! in reply to title by Biatryce

    I see you like them both :D kind of both ends of the spectrum in terms of genre but, I do too ^^
  • Katawa Shoujo in reply to title by Blues

    I see you like that visual novel :D
  • Should also try TeamLiquid :) in reply to Here are my Cast by dmann714

    Get all the feedback you can get :D
  • One of the most brutal Visual Novels ever in reply to School Days by Embryous

    Whoever created this visual novel and anime must hate a guy named Makoto... that was popular with girls and decided to make a story where he gets them and... well if you don't understand where I'm going with this, then ...
  • "I deal with letters not numbers." in reply to Day9 Video Quotes by Saucy

  • Do you remember? in reply to "This is a show about StarCraft and lieing" by Saucy

    A super recent daily, within the last few weeks, I remember hearing Day9 saying the EXACT opposite he's been saying all these years. Instead of I deal with letters, not numbers, he says "I deal with numbers, not letters." I ...
  • Cast and post the vids here in reply to New Caster Looking for Advice by dmann714

    I'm sure the awesome SC2 community of TeamLiquid and the other awesome community of Day9 will give you good feedback :D
  • Cool in reply to People should reply to the amnesia event by ntucker

    Not sure if Sean reads any of these posts about the games people want him to play, but I'd like to make it simple for him to see if it's something he'll want to play :D, regardless I'll love it ...
  • Are people supposed to post there? in reply to Moved to feedback board by ntucker

    And not make a post?
  • Nathaniel, can you make a Sticky Suggestion Template Post?

    I'm sure there are hundreds of people, maybe thousands that want Sean to play a certain game for Halloween, MetaDating, or future Podcasts, but instead of saying, "Play __________!! it's so good! My friends and I love it." And that's ...
  • Suggestion Template in reply to SCP-087-b: Scary game for Halloween by hikomarukun

    What is this game? Why should Day9 play this game, what makes it good? Have you played it? What's your thoughts and impressions? Then, is it free? Have to buy? :)
  • Suggestion Template in reply to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl by christopher.lam.794

    What is this game? Why should Day9 play this game, what makes it good? Have you played it? What's your thoughts and impressions? Then, is it free? Have to buy? Anything else that's helpful, just in case if Sean ever ...
  • Yeah baby! Sunday Daily <3 in reply to Day[9] Daily #520 - ROOToD vs EmpireBratOK by Day9

    Best news ever since I had to be evacuated for Tsunami for several hours and unable to return home last night...
  • Favorite Colors in reply to Uncluttered by rufus.flowen

    Love Black and White, all shades of both :D