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  • You are awesome :) in reply to Found the culprit by itsbecca

    Thanks a bunch!
  • By BLAH in reply to Wait... by LordMatsu

    Is it possible to change "BLAH"?
  • Twitter

    Maybe it's just to me but I can't see my two recent twitter posts on my profile, does that happen when you look at your own profile vs someone else's profile?
  • Funny you ask, but... in reply to Awesome by krisna.siv

    My firefox has like over 10+ tabs out at one time and sometimes when I don't want to feel like reloading all 10 tabs after closing firefox, I use chrome to do a quick google search or youtube video or ...
  • New releases in reply to I don't think so by LordMatsu

    A New Harvest Moon is coming out on 3DS on November 6th I think, Rune Factory 4 comes out in Japan on July 19th I think on 3DS, and Persona 4 just came out on PSP Vita, although it's been ...
  • My desktop picture atm in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

    My desktop background changes every 6 hours through over 100 GB of graphic art by myself and others, and other stuff. But here's my background picture now.
  • I don't think so in reply to Harvest Moon was pretty accurate to real life relationships by WHiT3R4bBiT

    In some what it does, but in Harvest moon, giving gifts = love. Although in real life, gifts are important, it's way more than that. It's a real fun game, don't get me wrong, but I think it's not close ...
  • Epic Success or Fail in reply to The Elder Scrolls: Online by JesterEric

    I just hope it's the former and not the latter :)
  • Lol in reply to So you are saying by Riuna

    I'm majoring in Neural Engineering because 'eventual real AI' fascinates me. I hope to contribute to this monumental feat.
  • It's fine in reply to Looks like.... by Riuna

    It's alright, relationship and the dating aspect in video games and in anime all follow the same algorithm, which is quite easy once you understand how it works. If you've watched sci-fi movies before, you'll see parts that inform the ...
  • More insight the better in reply to Thanks for putting these games on the radar! by lxstudio

    Harvest moon is pretty much Rune Factory without the Dungeon Crawler element. I do agree though, that there are no ways to get around it with these games, as these games take a good 20-40 hours to play to fully ...
  • I agree in reply to Scary Stories from your childhood? by Kitty4Cat

    Although I love SC2, I love Sean's Stories just as much :D
  • Wait... in reply to How to edit your display by ntucker

    How do I change where, it says By: Blahhh to sometime else. The URL to my profile, can I possibly change that?
  • Hmm not sure in reply to I didn't... by Riuna

    It's been 15+ years since I've played Harvest Moon on the GBC, so I don't know for sure, but in most Harvest moon RPGs, excluding the mini game one, you should be able to date, then eventually marry with the ...
  • Lol in reply to I just had to by Riuna

    The old gameboy version, I'm pretty sure you could...if you give gifts to certain girls, you get relationship points, which was stated by the color of the heart. It starts off at Black, then goes all the way to Red ...
  • I think you can do a path within 1-2 hrs.... but in reply to One of the best English visual novels by LordMatsu

    Guess it all depends on the person... but visual novels are a great way. Especially to find a good one in English at that. There's a handful in English, but rarely any good ones. A lot are Japanese but not ...
  • Forum/Username

    I'm not sure if any mods of the website are here on the forums much, but I connected to Day9.tv through facebook for it to be easier to log in, but I would like my username to not be my ...
  • Thanks Xionic! in reply to Beta Codes by Xionic

    I only had 1 XD and I felt really bad when so many people replied.
  • Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Persona

    These games doesn't approach Dating Sims as we've seen it in MetaDating, but it has the element of a dating sims game. These game encompass the relationship aspect but with a more RPG style.
  • One of the best English visual novels in reply to Katawa Shoujo by Blues

    There are so many visual novels that i would suggest but they are sadly in Japanese, the other games that have a romance yet interesting mixture of dungeon crawler as well.