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  • I would love to see in reply to Mostly Walking - Broken Age #1 by Day9

    The Cat Lady done. It was such a well written game. I would love to see the trio go at it :D
  • Nah still crazy in reply to Great List by hpfreak080

    But it's the summer now, so it's not too bad. Busy but not as busy lol. I will still try to update this as much as possible. Glad to see some Knights use it :D
  • Hearthstone Tavern Brawl in reply to Hearthstone Facebook page is teasing about a new game mode! by steven-cooley

    It's pretty cool
  • Been super hectic with school in reply to List of All Games Sean has played Live by LordMatsu

    Added the last few months or so of day offs and mostly walkings. Not sure if anyone uses this, but I like it :)
  • It's rather hard to explain in reply to Black Desert? by Veggieleezy

    You can check out the wiki or watch some people stream it in on twitch. It's basically another sandbox game similar to that of Archeage if you've heard of that. Although, it's been said that it'll succeed where Archeage failed ...
  • In the near distant future in reply to MMOs and guilds/teams? by Veggieleezy

    I'm definitely going to try out Black Desert. So if DayKnights are going to play that, I'm down to join whatever guild :D
  • I actually would love in reply to Mostly Walking Suggestions by ThomasBayes

    To watch them play The Cat Lady. It's definitely one of the best indie games I've played ever.
  • Manbon in reply to mhm by manbon

    Will always brighten up the day :DAlso, tbh avoid those people. Like a lot of people say, surround yourself with positive people. Sean, like always, is the man.
  • Totally in reply to Lucky by Shirlenator

    I was lucky that didn't happen. The AI was super buggy. It just wouldn't attacking know the minion would be revived even though it could've killed KT. Most BRM bosses though can be milled though. After I watch Sean do ...
  • KT + Taunt breaks Heroic Mode

    I've had KT since turn 3 + taunt and the AI has stop attacking. Even though he could've killed the taunt and KT. It's weird.
  • I think he's in reply to League of Legends on stream? by KevinAndersson

    mentioned he has tried a bot game or two? He knows of the game and does watch every now and then, but I don't think he'll play on stream or much at all. Heroes is a lot easier to learn ...
  • Well in reply to honestly by printf

    That is a bold statement. You should try to qualify for season 2 of wcs, it'll definitely test your skills as a gm. I'm a mediocre zerg master at best, so I won't deny your OP PvZ builds but you ...
  • Haha in reply to not really sure by printf

    Yea, majority of all wcs players can counter cheese builds pretty hard. It might work when unexpected, but bo3 and bo5 it'll definitely be hard. If you do compete in wcs, I'll be cheering :D
  • Holy shit dude in reply to Finally got GM with cannon rushing by printf

    Congratz man! After I hit masters in WoL (my response was exactly what you did), I put that as my end goal and kind of stopped obessive ranked play lol. But here you went all the way to GM, major ...
  • Friend that has been watching since day 1 in reply to How did you discover Day[9]? by Terakahn

    Introduced me few months before he did Daily #100, it was around Jan or Feb. Been a fan and watching ever since.
  • I'm surprised no Blackrock Mountain Run in reply to No Show - Taking the Day Off! by Day9

    Today :D, but maybe next week!
  • Like I said in my previous comment in reply to I'm gonna be honest with you. by BeastlyDayKnight

    Gotta wait for LotV :)
  • The only videos that come out in reply to Erm by Scoob

    Are his dailies, Mostly Walking, and his day off. So if you wanted him to not do any of those, then no videos would come out. The time that's required to do a sc2 daily versus just playing hearthstone is ...
  • It was published by in reply to Doubtful by Kanti

    SCE Japan Studio, which only some playstation games. So I highly doubt it'll port to PC, which really sucks.
  • Has to be Bloodborne in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Road to Rank 20 by Day9

    As a fan of Dark Souls 2... I think this will be a must for Sean :D