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  • Feel free to use in reply to Heroes Of The Storm EU (looking for group) by Freaky_Niki

    Raidcall if you have it already.
  • Well you in reply to LOL by NitemaRe

    Obviously don't value being a progamer if you think you could achieve it. If I could achieve being a professional athelete or progamer, I would've. But after several seasons of league and sc2, I've only ever made to master. I've ...
  • There still needs balance in reply to About Sean in Business Insider by Simnil33

    Sitting home and playing games all day, while fun isn't exactly the healthiest lifestyle. Yes, progamers do that for a living, but I know plenty that exercise too. I think eventually, esports will be bigger than sports, but not in ...
  • Probably gonna have to wait in reply to More Sc2? by SaintEaon

    Til Legacy of the Void, since Sean is busy with his day job atm.
  • Congratulations in reply to SHEEPUUUUUU by bout.t.fiddy.5

    Anything chronic sucks. Chemo sucks and kudos to you for contributing and fighting with your mom during this time.
  • At least not until in reply to 3.14.15 on the horizon... by NateL1884

    100 years from now xD
  • Amaz in reply to D: by bloodystarcraft

    Made some really great deathknight and monk concepts. It'll probably be a year before blizzard does their own and puts it in Hearthstone, but pretty sweet though.
  • They're gonna eventually add in reply to An idea for a Neutral Legendary card by bloodystarcraft

    Deathknight and Monk to Hearthstone. Arthas will most definitely be the hero for that class, so he probably will never be a card.
  • First thing you should do in reply to to many ledengendarys by alecnin

    Is finish Nax. Then, at least have Loatheb and Tirion. All paladin decks except aggro pally run Tirion. Although they're not quite equal, you can trade the legendaries for most fat creatures.
  • From this deck in reply to fix my paladin by alecnin

    What cards do you not have? I've run this deck and it's really good. It got Strifecro to legend last season.
  • Exactly in reply to Small sidenote by GMFaustus

    So I guess if Protoss gets to that tempest colossus archon ms, it's pretty much game over then.
  • GSL Ro32 is crazy looking

  • I want to see in reply to from a personal perspective by printf

    How zerg can deal with the protoss deathball now. Since you'll have less locusts per minute and the duration doesn't really matter as much as the spawn time I think. Also, 4 supply per is a huge nerf as well. ...
  • Just skype me in reply to I NEED HELP! by GMFaustus

    If you need me to admin more people
  • Ummmm in reply to Will Day9 play Life is Strange? by readdyeddy

    He did play episode 1 on Monday....
  • As a Terran in reply to i need some help with terran by matthew.hill.1800

    If you can learn from Maru's build of bio mines. You'll easily make it to Diamond +
  • The World has lost Someone Great today

  • An Amazing game in reply to Mostly Walking - Life is Strange #1 by Day9

    I can't wait for more of it. Can't wait to see the three musketeers play it lol
  • There is no teamspeak in reply to I dont have raidcall anymore by BeastlyDayKnight

    But if someone has one, they can post the info for it. So far, we have Raidcall or a mass skype call. Faust may have other ways to communicate during the faustival, but I have no idea.
  • Also in reply to FAUSTIVAL OVER!  WOOOOO by GMFaustus

    You can use the Raidcall or Teamspeak if you have it. Raidcall should be able to hold 100 people I think. If you have something better, definitely list it so people know where to meet up :) I hope I ...