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  • Trump in reply to Indie game: Town of Salem - Stand-alone Mafia/Werwolf video game by BlankMediaGames

    played your game in front of 12000 people :D so that's pretty awesome!
  • The new in reply to Recommend me a (mystery) game ! by mantequilla

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter game that came out was pretty good. There's also a new Sherlock Holmes game out, but haven't played that one yet.
  • This? in reply to Starts at by SurplusQWERT

  • Do you know in reply to Looking for song by SurplusQWERT

    Which part it's in? Or at what time in his twitch vod? If so, then I'll check it out and see if I can give you an answer.
  • Oh baby! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Wasteland 2 by Day9

    Pledged to the KS and played Wasteland 1 years ago! It's an amazing game with the major nostalgia feels ;D I'm excited to see Sean play this :D
  • I'd like to agree in reply to Archeage by Kanti

    Cause I play AA as well, but unless he's going to chill with JP for 6-7 hours at lvl 1 on a boat, there's really not much to do at a low level. And I don't think Sean wants to ...
  • DYRONE!! in reply to League of Legends Pro by B4y4rd

    That would be amazing! A day9 for league would be kind of cool. Go through certain pro games and point out the mistakes and good points that each team does. Although SC2 and Lol are completely separate games when teaching, ...
  • If you watched the last one in reply to Will there be more Mostly Walking? by NeonRabies

    Sean does say he will be having another episode with Bill, since Sean will be gone. I'm sure it's not ending.
  • All subs in reply to A question about Twitch and monthly sub by joel.westerlund.756

    are 50/50 for twitch and the streamer. All donations are whatever fee the site charges (ie: paypal or whatever) then the rest goes to the streamer.
  • One of my friends strongly believes in reply to My Tattoo; morality and ethics of the Old Sith Empire by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    That the Jedi are the bad guys and the Sith are the good guys. He spent probably few hours explaining it to me but I totally forgot haha. It was few years ago. I'll see if I can have him ...
  • Well it'll be counter productive in reply to RE: True by Peterson

    Cause during the dayknight festival, which although only happens quarterly, a ton of people come into the raidcall. Last festival close to 50+ people were in the raidcall I think, also Sean dropped by for a few hours. I honestly ...
  • True in reply to RE: If you're willing to pay for it by Peterson

    Biggest part is money. I also didn't want to spend money unless people would use it. Although so far, I think for now raidcall will work til more people will be using it. Right now, there's not that many people ...
  • If you're willing to pay for it in reply to TS3 Server Hosting by Peterson

    Sure, but Radicall is free and we currently have a raidcall server for dayknights atm. I was about to get TS, but I felt it would be a waste of money atm.
  • To be honest in reply to You would probably know better than most by BowlUndrFire

    P.T. is too short, but I would like him to play the Evil Within if he ever decides to play one for Fright Week. But like I said, it's up to Sean in the end.
  • He actually in reply to Well, by ande048b

    Pretty much does this every day off like Aeon said. It's normally at the beginning of the day off, where he talks about it.
  • OHHH BABY! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Walking Dead Season 2 by Day9

    Maybe the rest of the 4 episodes? :D I can't wait! I'm really excited for Season 3! I wonder if Clem will be a main character or is it going to be a new character.
  • He's doing that for Mostly Walking in reply to New idea for the day9's Day Off by ande048b

    But looking at old adventure games and how it's evolved from a few decades ago to now.
  • He did RollPlay R&D in reply to Can you help me find something? by Fluffyw

    With JP, just go to his twitch channel and you should find it. If not, it should be on his youtube channel.
  • I liked both in reply to What I love about adventure games by SteppeLively

    I personally love the Straw Millionaire aspect to adventure games, where in the end you solve your quest or get some nice reward out of it. Quest for Glory was by far one of the best 20th century video game ...
  • An actual calendar is in the making in reply to DayKnights Events Calendar by Kitty4Cat

    SO HYPE! But it's amazing that you did this Kitty :D you're amazing! <9