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  • Dreadsteed deck in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #156 - Dreadsteed Demonlock by Day9

    Hi Sean, I have been experimenting with a dreadsteed deck myself and I just finished watching your attempts. I feel like sharing my views because I disagree with some of your statements.
  • Please in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #113 - Legend Month - Day 1! by Day9

    Do not follow your usual habit of tapping before thinking it through :pOtherwise this warlock sin of yours will cost you a lot once more^^
  • Sure in reply to Hey :D by Keludo

    Just sent you an email, HF :)
  • Eu indeed in reply to Hey EU ? by Bemplesh

    I just sent you an email, have fun on HotS :)
  • Well in reply to Deleted by nathan.hill.73157

    I don't know why you deleted your post but I now have 7 keys to offer so add me on BNet (Lyho#2769) or give me an email I can send you one to and you're all set :)
  • [EU] Heroes of the Storm Key give away

    Hi, I received 4 beta keys to invite my friends to join but they all already had access but one... So I have three keys for the Europe region to spare and figured I would rather give them to this ...
  • :) in reply to Fun game with friends by captainragin

    Great fun indeed but I also recommend you don't look at your own decklist. This way each card will be a surprise for the both of you :D
  • Wow in reply to Mirrageofhope's Race for Life ( Ended...mainly updates now) by mirrageofhope

    Both my grandfathers died from cancer so I have an idea of what you are experiencing as I could see the impact it had on my mother.It doesn't mean much but I wish I could be there for you. Even ...
  • Probably in reply to I want to give Sean this Hearthstone free pack code I got with my SC2. by aggron.steelton

    feedback(at) with your thanks and an explanation as to why you feel like offering this code ?Nice of you btw :)
  • My demonlock deck

    Nothing too original but it seems to work quite well ! I'm not really high ranked (13 IIRC) but so far this deck provided me about 70% win rate so I think it might have some potential.
  • Well in reply to Meh by PapaNeptune

    I don't really care whether the daily is starcraft related or not. I just wanted to warn the replay bug was fixed.
  • Patch ! in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #47 - Miracle Rogue Revisited by Day9

    There's a line saying that replays from 2.1.3 can be read again, maybe you can stream some SC2 commentary :)
  • But... in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Company of Heroes! by Day9

    What about ending Dishonored ? :'(
  • Quadriplegic plays hardcore diablo 3

    Amazing stream, do you want to see someone overcoming challenges ?
  • Another strat in reply to Maexxna on Heroic by MarcHare

    This is probably well known by now but you can control her simply by managing her board so that it is filled with 5-7 damage per turn.At 7 damage per turn you can alternate alextraza+elven archer and a damage turn.At ...
  • Well in reply to What emotes would you add? by conastatu

    The ones I'd like to have would be :-Good game : just to say I enjoyed a game, this is a different feeling than saying the opponent played well, sometimes he just didn't.-Laughing : there should be a way to ...
  • There's always a way to lose with Millhouse :D in reply to Everythings coming up millhouse by turboswim

    Short answer is yes, you can DE it : you'll probably never find a deck that needs such a risky card.EDIT : keep it if you want trolly games^^
  • That's a way to see it in reply to Rarely I have to say... by Pollux

    The way I see it he lost to the most unexpected deck and managed to laugh from it while I know I would have gone angry/frustrated.I think you're overreacting.
  • Sort of in reply to Does everyone have their one game? by Krylo2000

    I always come back to FFVIII at some point... It can be 6 months or 5 years after the last time I beat it but I do come back. I grew up with that game, it was my first RPG ...
  • Child of Light

    Absolutely beautiful, one of the greatest video game experience I ever had. Sean needs to play this. So do all of you.