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  • Canvas in reply to Songs by Afixis9

    # by Rezonate :D Great song
  • If spectating in reply to Pending on how many people by ryanjk

    Do the replays get saved? Like if you have "record all games" enabled?
  • I'm in in reply to The Dayknights Ladder Clan inhouse tournament by QSVFade

    Perfect time for me. What format are we doing?

    # so happy to fulfill my small goal, thanks for all the strategy posts :D
  • [H] [T] I really need help in my TvZ

    I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do against zerg. I have no real build order and I can't find anything that is relevant to the 2.1 patch that would help me. I've been searching for hours, I ...
  • Thanks! in reply to CC first or 1 Rax FE? by Skyline

    This really helped, man. I appreciate it <3 my multitasking is fine, but I'll do some experimenting to see what's best for me.
  • Getting back in SC2, need TvZ Build!

    Hey guys, the new season just rolled around the corner so I'm looking to get back into Starcraft, only issue is; I have no TvZ Build! Ok, lemme explain. Not really a BUILD more of an OPENER to transition into ...
  • These Guys in reply to La Dirt League by Rhadamanthos

    Also did a thing during the release of HotS, Chasing the Swarm
  • Please do a Terran Daily again in reply to Day[9] Daily #629 - Bomber's Non-Standard TvZ opening plays! by Day9

    Since the amazin tvt daily right before hl2, we havent seen much terran. I'd love to see a TvP daily or a TvZ
  • Why care about ladder points?

    I'm in silver league. Meaning I'm not very good at Starcraft, but I know some things; how to scout, macro, micro, races, strats, you know the basics. But what I don't understand is the people who care about ladder points, ...