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  • I agree, but... in reply to eSports Betting by LordMatsu

    I can see the potentional of it being a total kick to bet some money, but I'm afraid it'll be easily turned into a game where players drop out cause off the potentional value there will be in the pot. ...
  • Day[9] European week!

    There has been some talk about wanting to have Sean do another "European week". And I thought, why not make a petition on it? So here's a petition about getting another European time zone week! Support the cause!
  • Not really his style? in reply to Greenscreen - love it or hate it? by Blartz

    I'm not really a fan of the greenscreen. I can see the uses of it. But with the smooth playing of him during the dayoff's. I really liked it better when he had his room background. I'd love him to ...
  • Alternative in reply to The Learning Curve by Pseudoboss

    I've been following a very cool Kickstartergame which is a wee bit easier to consume, Timber & Stone is a more laid back and easier to the eye version of Dwarf fortress. Would be awesome if Sean would try it ...
  • It's a pity in reply to You poor guys... by mattis

    You don't live in the Netherlands, unlimited data allround, now with fiberglass! om nom noms the interwebz. at about 40 euro?
  • How about some monobattling? in reply to 600 episodes! O.O by KevinAndersson

    For his 600th episode, we hold a team monobattles tournament? and the winners get to duke it out with day[9] and his mods live?
  • Maybe... in reply to I bet we could do something like that by krisna.siv

    Make a face shot of each of his daily's in a compilation?
  • Dwarf Fortress? in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I'd love to see Sean get into some Dwarf fortress. It's an outstanding game in design and would put the sims and simcity to shame. Also superbly difficult to master. Right up his ally i'd say.
  • OH GOD YES! Finally! in reply to Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup by collin.lysford

  • That would be amazing, but also... in reply to I have an idea... by DoctorSuave

    Would be awesome if there would be some kind of personal compilation video of his best moments, I know there are a lot of those youtube video's but having a recapping daily would be awesome. He's come quite a while ...