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  • Updated! in reply to Please Critique this BW Cheat Sheet by MekLeN

  • Juice! :D in reply to Gettin in shape thread! by Day9

    Most of the excess weight in the body is a form of inflammation, the body's way of collecting the bad and keeping it from affecting the organs. Sure, there is also simply the build up of food/fats, but try this:Juice ...
  • Please Critique this BW Cheat Sheet

    I will say this to start, to set the par on any ego: I am not a professional BW player. I've played for years, but not in the tournament scene. I am, however, looking to up my game, to "Be ...
  • Dude - you rock! in reply to Quite the necro by printf

    You have expressed from moment#1 that you aren't a pro at BW. However, this didn't keep you from addressing a very goooood poitn: That BW might actaully be more worth investing time/energy into than SC2.They be hatin' on ya, but ...
  • day[9] BW VOD's in reply to Here's ep 65: by jesse-gardner-russell

  • to clarify a point: in reply to of course, I'd be happy to divulge further into what I mean by this xD by MekLeN

    In having always an escape route in mind, one always carries a lifesaving intelligence, a knowledge above and better than, any plans of the enemy. You'll have instant response, as quick as muscle memory, (the Art of War speaks of ...
  • of course, I'd be happy to divulge further into what I mean by this xD in reply to Can you be a little more specific? by SteppeLively

    So, I state 'to Live is the most worthwile pursuit.' In any of the ideas that come to mind when engaging the enemy hero, I've tried -so- many strategies - from playing the role of directly forcing down the Victory ...
  • you did me well Day[9] for HotS, so here's some HotS advice of my own

    I've played League of Legends daily since 10/09 and if I've learned any one thing - Live! Survivability is the most worthwhile strategy of them all! Keep a positive KDA, if it's failing, then keep in mind "get my kda ...