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  • About: Silver League Protoss Maths student from the UK with aspirations of game design and development. I've not been playing SC2 long, but the daily has helped me greatly.
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  • From my experience in reply to Help/advice for a bronze/silver protoss by Ryter

    I just got promoted to gold the other day, so I think I understand where you're coming from. As mentioned before, you need to probably need to get some new, reliable builds memorised. This will help you get some direction ...
  • I love new old games in reply to Replay an Awesome Game? Or Play a New Game? by SteppeLively

    By that I mean old gems that are new to me. There are just too many new releases for me to try and play them all, both because they are too expensive and they take so much of my time. ...
  • SC2 Themed Parody lyrics

    So while watching HuK's stream earlier, Sail by AWOLNATION played a few times in close succession, much to the chagrin of the chat. ^_^ Anyway, some SC2 lyrics popped into my head:
  • "It's not a bug, it's a feature..." in reply to What are your thoughts on designing for competition and esports? by shindigs

    From what I've seen, making a game competitive is somewhat like trying to make a viral video. The priority should always be to make a good game; if people wan't to play it, they will. Keeping people playing long after ...