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  • I'm in! in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) by Bedouin

    Name: Dianne Battle tag: MintPhoenix#1241 Voice Chat: Skype mainly Playstyle: Control mostly, sometimes tempo or midrange I usually don't end the deason too high as I find decks that are fun to play (instead of being perfectly optimised for the ...
  • Spell Egg Druid Combo Deck in reply to The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread by MexicanAce

    I have been sick for the last few of months so I had let hearthstone slide and just managed getting to 20 each month. I'm picking it back up now and found a deck that's supposed to be good at ...
  • Hearthstone remixes

    Hi guys, Much like with "The Dig" remix, I found a guy on youtube who creates hearthstone remixes. He's only released a couple so far, but I think they're pretty awesome and thought I should share them! :-)
  • Different Server unfortunately in reply to Star Wars the old republic by WolfyZack

    Darn, I've gotten back into swtor just before Revan was released, but I'm on NA, The Harbinger and Australian so our times probably wouldn't have worked.
  • It's time in reply to Gettin in shape thread! by Day9

    You guys are awesome. I've been going to the gym for over the last year and have not really lost any weight. I can't blame my trainer as it really comes down to food and eating habits with me.