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  • Just for the record in reply to Mostly Walking - Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness Day 5 by Day9

    I can't wait for this episode to be uploaded on youtube
  • Baman & Piderman

    Hey fellow DayKnights, I was looking for an old episode - i think it was a funday monday - in which Sean refers to the infamous Baman Piderman episodes.
  • Nicely done! in reply to Not an issue anymore... by margotbean

    This fixes the issue! Whoever is in charge of coding this site should probably be informed about this..
  • Thanks in reply to The Issue by SteppeLively

    for answering :)And sorry I posted in the wrong forum about something that already had a thread :PLet's hope YouTube changes things back, but you don't have to notify me if they do - I'll probably notice it anyway :D
  • Can't fullscreen videos?

    Hey, for some reason I cannot full screen videos played from Does anyone have the same problem/know how to fix it? Thanks in advance :D
  • Awesome! in reply to "The Dig" Remix ! by djnial

    I think this mix is great! Good job man! :)
  • Thanks in reply to Yep, good point by WHiT3R4bBiT

  • VODs? in reply to Red Bull Battle Grounds Qualifier Series - North America Day 1 by Day9

    Are there any VODs available for this event? :D
  • Koyuki in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #10 - Allin on Antonidus by Day9

    Hey Sean, have you considered featuring Case in an episode of Decktacular? And I mean like having him on Skype while looking at a certain deck, discussing strengths and weaknesses and which plays to make and stuff? That would be ...
  • Suggestion: Scrolls in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Sean, you should definitely try the game Scrolls. It is currently in a beta, being developed by Mojang and it is basically a trading cards game with the strategic addition of an in-game battlefield!I resently purchased it, and I think ...
  • Can the MMR system bug?

    So I took a short break from playing SC2. After playing my initial placement match I was placed in gold which startled me as I was playing mid diamond players before. Now I am winning match after match, currently on ...
  • Huh? in reply to Day[9] Daily #596 - Rigged Games Funday Monday by Day9

    I don't actually understand what to do in this funday Monday.. Could someone please explain it? :)
  • Awesomesauce! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Portal by Day9

    I heard you mentioning that you might only play Portal 2, and I want to discourage you from skipping the original Portal. It is such a great game and it only takes 2 hours to play through.In any circumstance, both ...
  • Awesome games in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Journey & Limbo by Day9

    Both of them - I especially loved Journey!But, dear Day9, wouldn't you stop uploading only one part a day, please? I really would like to be able to watch them in succession without having to wait a week after you ...
  • I agree in reply to Growing tired of Google Hangouts by jamesmurrayga

    On the issue with low quality. But I would prefer the show kept as it is with only one segment.
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III in reply to Fun game needed! by jhazelhurst

    Best game of all time.
  • Thank you in reply to Marvin's Mittens (subscriber giveaway game) by Day9

    a lot! I simply love the game.
  • Whoah in reply to I was about to move this by Riuna

    I didn't even notice that the title said "Z" and not "Zerg" until i read this post.
  • There are plenty in reply to Zerg Wallpaper by grockey3

    of Starcraft wallpapers on :)
  • I definitely like the idea! in reply to I want your opinion on the 'Staircase' method of learning by Lasender

    I always really liked the idea of simply focusing on doing very simple stuff in game, like just massing roaches as zerg or stalkers as protoss. Not because it is a good strategy, but because it makes it so much ...