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  • About: I play sc2 . Just recently started playing , have hots and am all giddy and stuff. Lf players for teams. and also toss players who can give me pointers
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  • in reply to How do I message you in-game? by TheFireMnky

    Add me as friend. using charactername/code my char name is goodash . code is 212. I'll give you some tips if you want. Or give me your bnet , so I can msg you amd we can get some replays ...
  • hey in reply to TvP Help by TheFireMnky

    I could help you out, I am a toss player, msg me in game, goodash.212
  • Ello in reply to Teamless Players by SaintEaon

    I'm totally interested in joined IN , sounds like fun. GoodAsh. is my gamer tag. or jayceu@hotmail.com Message me in game, lookin forward to it. :D
  • TOss. Gold . LF Protoss advice

    I am in gold league and would like to get progressing, IF someone can watch a few replays. Maybe play me a match or two and go over the matchs, something to get a more solid idea for my gold ...