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  • About: Musick's the name! (That's a silent "K") Just started playing Starcraft II about a month ago, as I just got a new Alienware M17x about a month ago. While I may be new to SC, I'm a vet when it comes to video games in general. I'm actually planning to make a career out of it. My friend code thing is: Musick 158 My XBL gamertag is: MurkedByMusick
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  • Request for Hearthstone day off

    Can you do a commentary of the games at Blizzcon against Reckful? They were posted the other day, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.
  • yeah GameStop too. in reply to Thanks, but I'm good... by CrayZ1430

    That's where I get mine. If you preorder the collectors you get a key.
  • HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!)

    If anyone is interested hit me up. Im doing this because I like this site, and what Day 9 does! I also know that you guys will appreciate them. So as long as I can get them i'll just go ...
  • Guild Wars 2

    Wondering if anyone plays? I picked it up when it first came out and indulged for like a month, then quit to get better at sc2. Got on last night and I'm pretty sure I wanna start up again. If ...
  • Love the series! PLAY THIS DAY[9]! in reply to Dead Space by JaYung3

    Idk about these other games but this one is effin scary! And it's just an all around bad ass game. You can even start on the second one, it has a video that explains the events of Dead Space 1. ...
  • [Shift 1] 1qq 1qq 1qq 1qw 1qq

    This is pretty much the extent of my hotkeying. With the occasional 1w or 1qeeeeeee
  • What race do you play? Update:What is your friend info?

    I'm pretty new to Starcraft. I'm determined to be a decent Zerg player. I've recently spent a lot learning the game and just revolving my everyday life around it. Just curious to see what the consensus is on races. What ...