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  • TvT anti mech daily in reply to Thee Day9 Daily Request Thread by mirrageofhope

    I would really love to see a daily like this! Many people are right now playing mech and me and other fellow Marine tank / marine marauder tank players are having a hard time dealing with it, although innovation just ...
  • Daily schedule change in reply to "Day9 Daily Hotline, how can I help you?" by Riuna

    some time ago there was discussiona about changing the schedule for the daily, Sean said he would do some kind of poll to decide how to change the schedule, what happened to this?
  • I have 5 Beta keys if anyone wants one ^^ in reply to Dota 2 by Blues

    just add me in Steam ID: freibier715/Freibier and massage me at some point in time, woppie :D
  • My Idea: in reply to Ideas for New Merchandise by WhiteKnight

    Day 9 underwear!
  • hmmmm in reply to I'm not sure by Riuna

    sadly not really what I have been looking for, gave me some new ideas though, thanks :3
  • Thanks! in reply to I have this issue by Riuna

    I will definatly try out your tips, thank you very much :3
  • Losing focus :c

    Good day fine sirs, To introduce myself, I am a platinum Zerg, who just now switched to Terran and is starting to actively Ladder again. But I am facing a problem I have been facing my whole Starcraft "carrer" As ...
  • Tvt Mariners in reply to "Day9 Daily Hotline, how can I help you?" by Riuna

    Is there a Daily about the Marine focused Style in tvt? where you daily your tanks for moar Marines and a early third?
  • Nah in reply to Anyone else want day[9] to try LoL? by DarkLordOfToast

    For me, when I think about Starcraft, I think about Day[9]. I dont think that Lol would be really a "Day[9]" game, Sean always watches Replays and tries to improve his Strategy, but thats just not possible in lol. Lol ...
  • Errr ma grrrrrrrrd in reply to Day[9] Fright Week: Slender by Day9

    Day9 already lost his manhood, we shall see if he still has anything to loose :D