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  • 5 assassin all-in in reply to SILLY SUNDAY HEROES OF THE STORM SHOWMATCHES by GMFaustus

    You know me, I'm all in on the silliness. Stupid ideas are the most fun ideas in that game. Count me in
  • 65 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest - Day[9] Death Count Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT

  • HUZZAH! in reply to DayKnight Private Minecraft Server~! by FelicityPlott

    I've been meaning to get back into Minecraft and never got around to it. I gave up playing on public, and even a lot of private, servers due to crazy griefing. I've a feeling this is less likely in this ...
  • Huzzah for order! in reply to Answers in order by SteppeLively

    I sometimes find there are things you've learned from the mechanics of one medium, that you can transpose to the other. Lately, I've been playing X-Wing Miniatures Game a bit more seriously (tournaments and such), and I find more and ...
  • The Resistance. in reply to Boardgame geek here by liorean

    The Resistance has been a slightly polarising game amongst my friends. Some hate it, some absolutely love it. Personally, I love the original, but wasn't huge on Avalon. I like it vanilla, without the roles, but I'm somewhat on my ...
  • Also, a travesty... in reply to Out-of-context quotes from DayKnight Time! by NakeDex

  • Out-of-context quotes from DayKnight Time! in reply to DayKnights Weekly Hangout! by SteppeLively

    So playing Fatty Fight led to some hilarious (and frantic) shouting..."There are so many dayHmm members here. Actually there are only two, but they're beside each other""Yup, upgrading size. Ummmm." "This guy's weak. HIT HIM. HIT MANBON.""That guy has the ...
  • Legendary help in reply to At what level are you good? by DeanyyBoy

    I feel like once you get beyond a certain rank (usually kicks in around 16 here on the EU servers), you tend to get swamped by opponents with a bunch of epic rare and legendary cards. I enjoy laddering up ...
  • No. 4 in reply to Board Games by NakeDex

    I actually love Cards Against Humanity. I just think it's hilarious how the nicest people you know can turn into the most awful people by simply playing a card (a very good friend of mine, who is the most archetypal ...
  • Board Games

    I play a *lot* of board games. It's at a point now where they make up about 40% of my gaming in an average month (well, if you include playing the likes of Small World and Ticket To Ride on ...
  • Smartphones are your friend. in reply to Please for the love of all that is good. by RandomStrategy

    Download Shazam or Sound Hound. Both are available on both Android and iOS. I'm pretty sure Shazam is on Windows Phone, too. Once you hear the song you want, open the app, hit the button, and it'll tell you everything ...
  • Spec Ops: The Line in reply to Super Story Games by reedc1

    That game is harrowing. Decent mechanics for a third person shooter (I generally hate those kind of games), but the storyline is... wow. That one bit, with that woman's face... And the bit with the mortar tube after... Never before ...
  • Ouch, my brain. in reply to Starting an hour early! by SteppeLively

    Working out time zone differences always confuses the heck out of me.
  • Y'know... in reply to DayKnight Time #9 game by Trumpetmcool

    I've never played a monobattle...
  • Darkside tactics. in reply to i know how every match of worms goes by manbon

    Get blowtorch, start tunnels, win.
  • Way ahead of you. in reply to And love for Worms should always be nurtured by SteppeLively

    I broke out Armageddon again, since. I'll probably pick up Revolution shortly. Worms 3D and it's follow ups did nothing for me, so I didn't pay much attention to new releases. I hadn't even realised Revolution was out. To Steam!
  • Forever heroic in reply to Morality Limits Open World Games by SteppeLively

    Seriously, that's got to be a meme that RPG game developers have created to worship. The system almost always feels like a case of moral choices being forced upon you, but having no real impact (like the inFamous reference in ...
  • Rekindled love for Worms. in reply to DayKnights Weekly Hangout! by SteppeLively

    Thanks for putting on that stream, guys. It had me cracking up. Also reminded me how much I loved Worms, and how I hadn't played it since Armageddon.
  • Android size in reply to How Does Hearthstone Play on iPad? by SteppeLively

    I wonder would the phone version be more likely on an Android than Apple? iPhone screens are pretty damn small compared to a lot of the new Android ones, so I can see it being an issue there. My Samsung ...
  • Tourney standard. in reply to Is anyone else playing X-wing? by NakeDex

    100 points is tournament standard, so I try to play to that wherever possible. That said, I've played a few 50/75 point games for giggles because, as you said, they're nice and quick. Usually ends up with an Imperial win ...