William Clemence

  • Location: Seattle Washington
  • About: I am a happy go lucky person that loves games like Starcraft and Halo. Though my anxiety often gets the better of me and I have a difficult time playing against people in said games. At least when I do not know them. Watching Day9 I have been able to play a little more online and think "Oh well what's the harm in trying?" still hard to play online for me but I do enjoy it more now.
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  • Question for the older 30+ folks thinking about college

    Good afternoon all, Long time follower and lover of all things Day9 and DayKnight related but rarely do I post on here. Something I have been struggling with recently is thinking about going back to college to get myself another ...
  • Suggestions for a gaming chair?

    Hello all! Nanumar here, recently my desk chair has really flattened out, it's about 5 years old I would say at this point so I'm thinking it's time to replace it. I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion ...
  • Thanks! in reply to You can do that yourself by AquaMarine

    I can definitely say that Sean screaming "c'mon bitch I'm not afraid!" *squeak* would make me up every morning :P
  • Day9 alarm clock

    Hello all! Here's a story I wanted to quickly share. Today at work I was listening to the old daily of Day9 playing amnesia On headphones (something's we are NOT supposed to do). No one else was in the office ...
  • =) in reply to =) by Pummblebee

  • I had a problem with the format... in reply to A math problem for Day9! by Nanumar

    What I wanted to post here was I know Sean loves math and I wanted so have him see this oldie but a goodie math tweaking skit from Abbot and Costello. You great DayKnights have a fabulous day and I ...
  • A math problem for Day9!

  • Cancelled Daily so Rare! in reply to Day[9] Daily canceled - moved to next week! by Day9

    I remember in Sean's "How I almost died" story, that even with his superpower waning and his stamina sapped dry... he STILL did a daily. It took the powers beyond his control to cancel a daily, that is dedication... I'm ...
  • Would like to see an Elympics in reply to Turns out to be a joke (for now) by ntucker

    I don't know if gaming would be good for the Olympics but I would LOVE to see an Elympics, honestly I would. With multitude of games like Super Smash Brothers, Starcraft and LoL. There are so many games and so ...
  • :0 in reply to Something amazing, regarding the number J. by otto.timberlake

    Mind... Blown!
  • Maybe unispired but... in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I know that this suggestion has already probably been suggested or maybe Day9 would not be interested but honestly I would like to see Mr. 9 play World of Warcraft. He can at least get the starter pack for free ...
  • Help with getting the chat to work!

    Hello everyone!Great show by Sean tonight, unbelievable that he is now trying green screen out! All I ask is that someone does a Who's Line is it Anyway thing on him and play random clips behind him while he is ...
  • BBQ dinner night in reply to Korean BBQ Meetup - After Party with Pictures by LordMatsu

    I am stuck up here in Washington, wish I could go. If only it were streamed!
  • Learning MTG in reply to Day should spend one day a week teaching us MTG by conastatu

    That would be pretty fun! Though I think in Day9's own words MTG isn't something you learn it is just something you know. (Something like that, don't have that daily in front of me ATM) :P
  • How do I friend/message someone I played a match against on the ladder in reply to Quick question - Short answer(s) by Riuna

    Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a good Sunday, I was wondering if someone could tell me how I could message someone that I played against on the ladder that I am not friends with. We played a ...
  • PC BANG/BONG in reply to It's PC BANG*** by Day9

    Perhaps a PC bong exists up here in the great state of Washington. Maybe it will be on display at PAX. :P
  • Played my first ever Starcraft 2 competitive match! in reply to How's your winter break? by Day9

    This might sound silly compared to what everyone else has done that is epic with all the reading books and everything but the main thing I can remember doing this winter break is playing my first ever Starcraft 2 competitive ...