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  • About: I am a high school nerd who loves games, physics, philosophy, and more.
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  • Reccomendation for next Mostly Walking game.

    I reccommend The Underground Man. Yea or nay?
  • Add me! in reply to In Honor Of Day[9] Himself- The DayKnights Clan Has Formed! by Darkozzy

    I am become a DayKnight! :DNatusake#593
  • Wow, much post in reply to well by brickrd

    Well, I have no idea where to even start. Thanks for the post, I guess! I DID read it all, so I guess all that is left is for me to jump back in the game, and watch pro games... ...
  • Zerg in reply to Where to even start by Omega068

    Cool. Thanks for the reply!I'm Zerg right now. I've watched a daily or two, and it seems that Zerg are very heavy with the muta/ling/baneling against Terran right now, which seems rather the same as it was at the start ...
  • Current Metagame

    Hello all! I am a returning player. I stopped anything related to SC2 a few years ago (before HotS launched), but now I have a huge drive to continue playing this game and having fun.