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  • GSTL on Friday in reply to Starcraft 2 Pun Thread by Supapao

    It Sounds like all-kill... Yeaaahh!!!
  • Small request in reply to Sean Plott's article in the WIRED magazine by PinkPanther

    I can't find this article where I'm currently living. Could you scan and upload it here?
  • Replay in reply to ...Possibly? by ChrispyK

    This is the video by MaximusBlack
  • Proxy Nexus in reply to Proxy Hatch by DaveSprite

    A little bit off topic, but I don't want create new thread. Zergs can build proxy hatch in your base, Terran can make planetary fortress rush. Proxy Nexus with Core and photon overcharge seems like crazy idea, but... can it ...
  • Another PE story in reply to best idea ever by itsbecca

    I had to attend PE at the university aswell. The schedule was: 1st semester - basketball, 2nd - volleyball. I am pretty good at volleyball, but I'm SHITTY basketball player. Probably, 3-year-old girl is better than me... But I had ...
  • Embarrassing situations. My experience.

    I think we all remember the story about Felicity's nipple. Well, I have my own experience... Setup. The year 2002. 13 years old. I studied in the 8th grade in highly specialized (physics and math) school. Also I already was ...