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  • @Proxy Factory suggestions in reply to Mine-Centered Aggressive TvP Build by NinjaDuckBob

    After what you guys said, it now sounds pretty tempting to go Proxy Factory. The thing is, how would you defend an Oracle in your Mineral line in that case if they scout and stop the early Widow Mine? The ...
  • Festor/Ling/Hydra ZvZ?

    Hey guys! I was wondering, has anyone ever attempted Infestor/Hydra/Ling in ZvZ? The logistics behind it include Hydra/Festor being decent vs Mutas and Fungal + Ling surround allowing Hydras to outrange Roaches.
  • Something to the effect? in reply to Funday Monday for Sean by Brosiah

    He has done a Funday Monday before where people in chat gave him things to do and he chooses some to do. I don't know how well an extra 30-45 minutes would fit into his schedule, but I think it'd ...
  • Mine-Centered Aggressive TvP Build

    Hello! I’ve always liked the idea of using Mines against Protoss (I was one of the advocates for their enbuffment), so I’ve decided to develop a build centered around them! So far, I’ve been crushing Protoss players with it. I ...
  • There's a base in my base! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Before you attack your opponent's base, you must set up an expansion at his next expansion -- if he has one base, you must expand at his natural before attacking his main. If he already has his natural, you must ...