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  • Thanks to those who came! in reply to (done)Manbon vs Noobinabox! random decks! 7:00 EST! by Noobinabox

    I will make a bit of a more official post later, but thanks to the people who stopped on by :)
  • (done)Manbon vs Noobinabox! random decks! 7:00 EST!

    Hey guys! 7:00 EST tonight (3/17/15) I am going to face manbon in a random deck duel, If you see this and make it great! If not? Don't worry! the whole thing will be uploaded onto youtube by this week ...
  • Title timeuuu! in reply to DayKnight Time Intro Song Name Creation by Trumpetmcool

    day-rock time
  • Hopefully NA latency is fixed in reply to Day[9]'s HearthStone Decktacular #26 - Naxxramas Day 1 by Day9

    Else, he may just get through very little of the game haha, I was playing in NA and there was a latency problem, it was painful to go through the heroic bosses with how slow the moves were.
  • Games I recommend! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Subscriber games! by Day9

    Some Games that I highly recommend that would be fun, new people can jump right in, and soome that you may have never heard of include the following: -Unreal Arena- (0.10 version), Templar TV (may be too long for just ...
  • Extending on one of the ideas in reply to Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas by Minerthreat

    A spherical map is an interesting one,but what would be amazing is if different odd shapes could me made. In terms of terrain action, I personally would love terrain that was much more intractable. One aspect is the tactical advantage ...
  • I second this in reply to Not enough cards by AquaMarine

    I remember Totalbiscut once saying, during a podcast I believe, that he had some serious difficulty coming up with ideas for his weird hearthstone deck series even with all of the cards.
  • starcraft 2 (for a different reason) in reply to Does everyone have their one game? by Krylo2000

    I myself keep on coming back for starcraft 2 because I for one love using the Starcraft 2 editor and creating games with other people, and if I am honest with myself I will most likely buy legacy of the ...
  • It is a new game remember in reply to How fast the meta changes by DeanyyBoy

    I would say that the meta is changing so fast in hearthstone right now, because people are still figuring out all the different styles and abuses you can use to win the game. I tried out the one turn kill ...
  • 2 reasons why I watch these decktaculars... in reply to Panda Rouge! by tentative_panda

    Reason 1: They make me laugh a bit, and I like to sit back and watch a bit of hearthstone. Reason 2: To see what deck will be hording the ladder next... I for example played a multitude of the ...
  • Anti-Sean in reply to All about Anti-Sean by Bontage

    This thread is awesome haha But Anti-Sean would disagree with that...
  • Day 2 Part 10 in reply to Sweet by VoidWater

    There actually is a part 10 uploaded to youtube, it is just for some odd reason, not uploaded onto this website. Also, I am exited for part 3, however, from what I have been reading he may be unable to ...