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  • You're welcome! in reply to Thank you by QSVFade

    You're welcome, Fade! It was always fun to watch your games. :3
  • I'm surprised this is still here. in reply to Day9 has died, RIP good friend, life will never be the same without yo by Sily

    This forum could use a report button on posts.
  • Day[Knight] Showmatches Ending Soon, Kinda

    Hey guys! ZeroLambda and I have had a tremendous amount of fun putting together the showmatches ever since we started them back in October, 2013. It has been a tremendous blessing to see so many dayknights improve and have fun ...
  • Schedule for 5th and 6th is up! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    (PST) Saturday: 11 am Probe vs Gurthang 3! 12:30 pm Henning vs Dauntless 1! 1:30 pm Montasaurus vs Fade 1! Sunday: 11 am Loopyloo vs Mothermoose 1!
  • Schedule is up for 21st of November! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Time for the first set of LotV matches! (PDT) Saturday: 11 am Fenton vs Ottr 1 12 pm Loopyloo vs Chaossy
  • Schedule for the weekend! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    (PDT) Saturday: 11 am Gurthang vs Probe 1 (LotV) 12 pm Fade vs Printf C (HotS) Sunday: 11 am Gurtang vs Probe 2 (LotV) 12 pm CrazyChaos vs Loopyloo 1 (HotS)
  • The first LotV Mission

    Beware, spoilers be ahead, kinda. Not much in the first mission apparently: is a youtube video from a Eurogamer piece. You can find the article here:
  • It worked! in reply to Raidcall updated to Russian by LordMatsu

    I guess we'll see if it sticks this time. lol xD
  • Yeaaaah in reply to It should work now by LordMatsu

    If you don't modify it the invite will expire after 24 hours. On that note it's expired again! xD
  • Format change test for October! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Recently I sent this email out to players outlining a change to the format we're considering for D[K]S: Hello everyone! Difficulties in scheduling over the past week have brought some of the inherent weaknesses in our current format to light. ...
  • Valdis Story: Abyssal City in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    # of players: 1Genre: MetroidvaniaReasons to play: Moderate to high difficutly, responsive controls, excellent boss battles, excellent soundtrack, nice artstyleAvailable on steam here:
  • Uber? in reply to Uber by LordMatsu

    I've heard of that service. I imagine their rates go up around an event like that, but it sounds like a good option yeah.
  • Discord huh in reply to RaidCall English is Ending by LordMatsu

    It's too bad about Raid Call. We had a nice thing going with that program.Never used Discord! I'll experiment with it a bit and see what I think later.
  • Blizzcon is on the horizon

    Little less than two months from now in fact! Any of you going? And those of you who have gone in the past, I have a small problem where my tickets have me landing in LAX. Noob mistake yeah, but ...
  • Schedule updated in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Two matches this weekend! (PDT) Friday: X Saturday: 5 pm Haunnudiram vs Ghost 2 Sunday: 3 pm CptKirk vs Falcon 1 Unscheduled Replays: Gurthang vs Fenton 3 (Has not yet been played, will not be casted this weekend.)
  • Schedule is up! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Check it!
  • &lt;3 in reply to <9 by MontasaurusWrex

  • Adept Opener in reply to LotV openings? by ChrispyK

    Been looking at a few different protoss players via's a ton of Adept openers for each match-up as protoss at the moment. Personal favorite is probably the drop version with a warp prism.
  • About that in reply to re: UI Nostalgia Mode by Saucy

    I've never been able to get that function in the forums to work correctly. I'll try.Edit: Nevermind, got it working. So...if you thought it was a good post did you have anything else to say about it?
  • Oh my god in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #82 - Miracle Paladin by Day9

    That was hilarious. xD