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  • Mmm No, Unless he wants to in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    I'm not a general fan of petitioning a content creator into doing something. He had fun with them and if he wants to do the fundays again I'm all for it. But if not that's cool too; stuff that's meant ...
  • UI Nostalgia Mode

    I was perusing the videos from Blizzcon showing off some of the new campaign UI being implemented for the Protoss. It’s all pretty sweet stuff, of course, but that got me thinking about how the UI used to look in ...
  • On people criticizing LoL's length in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #73 - Mech Shaman by Day9

    And why it might sound like it's a bit much:I think that's one of those things where it's a criticism leveled at LoL strongly that may not be strongly acted upon by much of the gaming population.
  • Weekend of the 30th in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Schedule is up in the original post!
  • Amen in reply to The Season by LordMatsu

    This. Totally. There wasn't exactly much to talk about! xD
  • I don't think you want forced content in reply to Last daily about Starcraft was the 4th of december 2014... by OldFanboy

    If he doesn't have particular interest in doing a show on SC2, then you're going to end up watching something much lower quality than the old shows. Forcing SC2 content isn't going to work, it would probably slowly kill the ...
  • Weekend of the 16th -- January 2015 in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    (All times in PST. (Same time zone the daily uses.))Friday: (Casted by Myself and Zero) 4 pm FoxeR vs printf 7 pm Gurthang vs ChaosySaturday: (Casted by Threx and Caesura)12 pm WakingDrones vs CovertMuffin5 pm AceAl vs Probe7 pm Zrq ...
  • Not for this weekend in reply to Question by Chaossy

    Though the vods from that will go up soon, that was a one time event. Since there was moderate interest in it I might consider making that a more regular thing, but I need to talk to the staff about ...
  • Second Week of December in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Hey guys!In addition to normal games on Saturday and Sunday outlined in the original post, we have a special event going on with Legacy of the Void Custom maps this evening! Participation is open to anyone who wants to get ...
  • First weekend of December! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    We've got five matches this weekend! :D Friday: (Myself-Zero)4 pm Caesura vs CovertMuffinSaturday: (Zero/Anti + Shadver)4 pm Montasaurus vs QJAX 7 pm Oxygen vs Vergilius Sunday: (Zero-Caesura, Threx is out of town)5 pm AceAl vs Shadver7 pm Probe vs FadeAs ...
  • <p>GvG Arena Stories</p>

    Hey guys! Anyone got any fun stories from using those free arena runs with the new cards? Watched a friend of mine play that awful 5 mana 8/8 that destroys three of your cards when your opponent plays anything and ...
  • Schedule is up! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Weekend schedule:Friday:6 pm Caesura vs CovertMuffinSunday:4 pm AceAl vs Shadver7 pm Zrqkyvx vs GhostGambit​
  • Schedule and stream location change in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Friday:NothingSaturday:NothingSunday:4 pm Anticitizen vs Caesura7 pm Probe vs NazgulAll future matches will be streamed on !Omega
  • Gyahahaha xD in reply to Well, this just happened by MrPeg

    That's brilliant! Love those moments in Hearthstone.
  • Hrm in reply to I have a peculiar problem. by Tomberry

    I used to see this happen when I did debate in high school. Usually the way you got past this was by flooding your mind with so many tasks you don't have time to worry about how well you were ...
  • Ah my bad in reply to added by HanShotFirst

    Saw that you added me after I saw the invite so I declined it. Go ahead and send it again! :D
  • Fourth Weekend of October! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    (PDT)Fri:5:30 pm Ottr vs Montasaurus 17 pm AceAl vs Shadver 1Sat:6 pm Funday Monday Tourney R1 (5 games from the Funday Tourney run by Manbon and he'll be casting with us! :D) Sun:4 pm Oxy vs Vergilius 17 pm Probe ...
  • Third Weekend of October! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    (PDT)Saturday:12 pm Mercury vs Shadver5 pm AceAl vs AMHSunday:5 pm Anticitizen vs CaesuraSee you guys at the stream!
  • First Weekend of October in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Here's what we have for this weekend so far: (Times in PDT)Fri:6 pm Anticitizen vs CaesuraSat:12 pm Mercury vs
  • Final Weekend of September! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Schedule updated! Check the OP!