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  • Open Book in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Also can be called the "No Mindgames Mindgame." Tell your opponent what build your aiming for right at the beginning and then warn your opponent every time you do anything "sneaky." (Defined as anything that needs secrecy to work.) (Drops, ...
  • Streaming Bleed in reply to BLEED - Subscriber gift! by Day9

    Going to do a run this afternoon, come check it out if you like. of warning, my stream is 360p in quality and cannot be made any higher.)
  • Something Cool in reply to Anime Recommendations by Omega068

    Fanmade Anime intro for the Heart of the Swarm based on Attack on Titan's intro. Quite well done if you ask me:
  • Thanks for the info! in reply to To Assuage Concerns by SteppeLively

    Glad to know it wasn't just some of us. Looking forward to the email.
  • Haven't got it either in reply to BLEED - Subscriber gift! by Day9

    If any of you do get this it'd be nice to know so we can tell if there's a problem.
  • Steam in reply to Key? by SSJ4GundamWingGoku

    Judging from the fact that he's talking about the Greenlight program. It hasn't been officially released on steam yet, so we'll probably get an email about it once that happens.
  • D'Apollo Tutorial in reply to [New player] Some Protoss questions by SupplyBlock

    # This video series by Apollo is very good for looking at basic strategies designed to improve one's play in the long term. It should help a bit if you're worried about timings too. Also yes, 4-gating may feel a ...
  • Nice in reply to BLEED - Subscriber gift! by Day9

    Going to greenlight that shit. Hopefully Bleed and Game Dev Tycoon will come out on the same day so I can be suitably unproductive.Edit: Scratch that, looks like it's already made it! :D
  • I don't know in reply to I use OBS by Cress

    I've heard of programs that can do that for youtube. Maybe they work on twitch too?
  • Since A Couple People Asked in reply to TEAM DAY9TV CHAT by jordan.nelson.127201

    And I forgot to repost it in the chat last night: my youtube channel is you can say about my sc2 casting I'd be happy to hear, especially if it turns you off after about 30 seconds. And now ...
  • Alternate idea in reply to Yeah a few months now by Cress

    Hmm, I don't know what to do about the problem directly twitch problem, but you could always make a local recording to your hard drive of what you do with x-split and upload it directly to youtube through ordinary means.
  • Youtube Account Settings/wait in reply to Twitch tv gives me an error everytime :( by Cress

    Hmm, I've never seen that appear, but some quick looking around indicates that if the options in your youtube channel/overall google account aren't the issue it should go away on it's own after a couple days.If this has been a ...
  • Dude in reply to Masters Star Craft 2 with the xbox360 controller Toss/zerg by Cress

    That's amazingly badass. You should throw together some videos for youtube of how you pull that off. I'd love to see it.
  • One Punch Man in reply to Anime Recommendations by Omega068

    Found a real gem a couple days ago. Relatively new Shounen manga about a man who trains to become a super hero but becomes so strong everything dies in one hit. He then starts to lose his motivation and the ...
  • Good times in reply to TEAM DAY9TV CHAT by jordan.nelson.127201

    Been enjoying this alot. Thanks for throwing it together Pax!
  • The Ending to Day 2 in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - BioShock: Infinite Day 2 by Day9

    That was pure gold. Also scared the crap out of me too. xD
  • Faking it in reply to Day[9] Daily #580 - Mass expanding Funday Monday! by Day9

    I'm not surprised people do that. But I do wonder how well it could be done.
  • Ah ok in reply to It's pretty good by LordMatsu

    I'll be sure to look into the manga as well then.
  • Yeah It's kind of Rare in reply to Interesting use of words by LordMatsu

    That said, I think I've seen it in novels from time to time.
  • Nice in reply to Anime Recommendations by Omega068

    Glad this had exactly the effect I was hoping for. Now I have too much stuff to watch! xDI was wondering if I could get a impression on one I just heard about. K. also known as K Project. Worth ...