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  • Don't worry about it in reply to Children's stories by Moomintroll

    I'm pretty flexible with what I like so I'm not expecting it to be like the other two.
  • Hmm in reply to Too many...! by Immortality

    Those sound pretty good. NGE I have seen in parts. Didn't really click that well with me for whatever reason. Maybe I'll give it another chance some day.Mushi-shi sounds really really cool. And I tend to like series similar to ...
  • I figured in reply to Confusion by Gosav

    But I don't really have a problem with that. If it's going to be confusing I'd prefer it to be confusing in the intended way. xD
  • The Moomins in reply to Not an aficionado by Moomintroll

    Interesting, I've never heard of that one. I think I'll look into it. I've seen the other two and definitely recommend them as well. Classics.
  • Dude that Show in reply to Watch Baccano! by Kind_Cauliflower

    I should probably consider giving it another try. I had the misfortune of walking in on Baccano! half way through when my friend was watching it. Yeeeaaaaah that was confusing. Never doing that again.
  • Cool in reply to Howdy by pmendes

    I haven't seen SAO yet, but I've heard good things. And I totally second FMA, it's a pretty sweet show. (Both of them, though I'm partial to Brotherhood.)
  • Wow in reply to First episode of Elfen Lied as narrated by Day9 NSFW by kingreza

    Not only was that totally accurate it was also waaaaaaaay funnier than the episode was probably supposed to be. It makes me wonder what a recommendation from Sean would sound like if it was a comedy anime...
  • Anime Recommendations

    So I figure I'm probably not the only person who watches anime and the daily here, and I didn't notice any threads for recommendations! There's a *huge* amount of stuff out there to watch so it's pretty tough to wade ...
  • Hmm in reply to Only... by AquaMarine

    Good man!
  • Wow in reply to A comprehensive guide for you: by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    That guy you met in plat was a really manner dude. World needs more people like that.
  • And then in reply to For a Klondike bar... by AquaMarine

    You'd laugh at the joke for 3 straight minutes?
  • Circumstances in reply to What would you do for a Klondike bar? by AquaMarine

    *For those of you that have played borderlands 2, reading this in the voice of hammerlock will probably make it even more entertaining.*Generalizing this for a moment, what would I do for ice cream covered in chocolate? Well we have ...
  • Subs Affect Twitch only, I think in reply to Q about replay availability by Pollux

    I'm pretty sure subs only affect the twitch experience and not this website. At least, not as far as I know.I think the games from yesterday just haven't been uploaded yet. You'll notice they aren't on the youtube for AHGL ...
  • Good Idea in reply to Exercise. by JiN

    I didn't mention this in my post but I absolutely agree; exercise can definitely help. It doesn't have to be something really boring either. I started doing martial arts partly for this reason. And DAMN does it ever help!
  • I Struggle With This a Bit in reply to How do you deal with stress while playing? by Raven

    I have similar problems honestly. But I've overcome them in a couple other areas, so I'll tell you what I'm doing to work on it.First, you've got to grindstone it. If you really love SC2 then you have to get ...
  • Sick in reply to Bronze to Gold by Kantell

    Dude that's amazing! You have to be applying yourself pretty well to have pulled that off. You should totally take a screen shot when you hit plat!
  • I See It Sometimes in reply to For those of us without a strong sc community to gush to. by Leonoux

    Yeah I'm in Gold too and I've seen that sort of thing. It can happen enough that even when you execute a cheese play well and the other person compliments you (like "nice 4gate") you'll find yourself immediately assuming he's ...
  • Sweet in reply to Pen Spinning by Iota

    Now I can express my frustration and boredom in class even more artfully than ever! xD
  • Nice in reply to GOMTV (GSL) is giving away free 3-day passes by WilliamHammer

    Thanks for the heads up. Love to watch some of the recent code S stuff. Hard for me to get up at 5 in the morning to watch over here.
  • Dude in reply to Crazy Starcraft 2 Dream by Gaizokubanou

    That sounds amazing. I rarely have dreams that make enough sense to even resemble a story like that. I think the closest I've ever gotten to an SC2 dream is seeing symbols for the game on a building or thinking ...