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  • Challenge Accepted...Later in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    Since I'm Toss, I think I'll wait for that one. I might give this a try anyway, but I'd hate to be barred from the Protoss one if I managed to win somehow.
  • Nice in reply to For Day[9] Subscribers: New Instant VoD Access by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I appreciate this on the days where I miss the daily just barely. Though I'll still watch it on youtube if I don't get to see it then since they're edited nicely.
  • Some Observations in reply to PvT - what went wrong by Goldi

    I'll be honest, I'm in gold. So take my advice with a grain of salt. With most of the stuff I'm going to say I'll be thinking of what I've seen pros do rather than what I've tried myself. So ...
  • Budget Advice in reply to Building a gaming rig in just about a week, need graphics card advice! by kevin.wilt.121

    If you're not worried about cost then this probably not super important, but you can usually get away with getting a card one generation behind the current top performers and be fine for some time. The slightly older cards can ...
  • Psychonauts in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I'm going to assume most of you know what this game is at this point. I think the writing style would jive well with Sean's sense of humor.
  • Can't Remember in reply to Which daily is this? its killing me that I can't remember by dugubn

    But I do know what you're talking about. I'll let you know if I find it.
  • SEA in reply to I think your concerns by Philosopher

    Yeah I hope you guys get added in too eventually. Wish we knew why that didn't work out.
  • Fight Night Idea

    Trying to gauge interest in something. What would you guys say to meeting up in a SC2 channel once a week and playing 1v1s or custom games for a couple hours? Does something like this or something similar sound like ...
  • We'll See in reply to Something Wicked This Way Comes by Philosopher

    Even with the details I don't know how well all this will work in practice. Live on Three's concerns about many Koreans just fading away into the background sounds like a concern. Though I'm not sure I see them moving ...
  • Surprise in reply to Heart of the Swarm Patch 2.0.7 by Riuna

    Thought they'd change more under gameplay. Guess they're saving that for later.
  • Completionism for the win in reply to Nice by LordMatsu

    Nice, I hope to get there myself.
  • Another Factor in reply to I thought I hated HoTS, but now I'm at the top of Silver by

    Yeah I was losing all the time in the beta too. I was at Gold before in Wings. I think what happened was the beta didn't have a large part of the casual player base and a large part of ...
  • I Can See It Now in reply to Simply Roach by jbigg2012

    Can't keep those annoying lings off you? Gateway units have you down? Then Simply Roach is for you. Burrows in deep to keep you smelling defended all night*.*Not as effective in environments at high altitude.
  • Ah in reply to Not sure by LordMatsu

    Nice, I myself am at about 71%.
  • To Support the Daily in reply to Why do you subscribe? by WTJAG

    I'm grateful to many people for the things they've done for me over my life. But given how much little money I have it's not as if I can always use that as a measure of who I should give ...
  • "work as hard" in reply to Are SC2 pros "atheletes" and it is important by

    Honestly I don't see much of a point to this discussion. Every analogy breaks down when viewed in detail. The reason it is being used here is because that's something people outside of esports get.Rather more importantly I'd like to ...
  • This Should Be Fun in reply to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Campaign Playthrough by Day9

    Can't wait to see this. I hope you don't get spoiled by the chat too much. The game has some really interesting curveballs storywise.
  • About the Achievements... in reply to I hope by LordMatsu

    I didin't notice this on my first playthrough, but they still have the "hard" difficulty achievements from the first game they just hid them in another part of the menu for some reason, giving each level 4 achievements in total. ...
  • Great! in reply to I wasn't sure about the OS by seansm

    Nice to hear! I hope that computer serves you well.
  • It's A Hidden Ladder in reply to Unranked.... by PrimusInterParus

    Basically Unranked is another ladder where they don't tell you your rank. This means you get matched up with people based on the MMRs they have in unranked. The unranked match making rating is not at all based on the ...