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  • Not Going to Switch Exactly in reply to Switching Races For HOTS by PrimusInterParus

    Can't really comment on the early zerg response stuff since I play protoss, as for playing other races...I am thinking of experimenting with the other races in unranked and stick with my main in ranked. It's nice that you can ...
  • About 64 bit Windows in reply to Help picking a new computer by seansm

    In my experience, 64 bit windows sometimes has compatibility problems with different programs that 32 bit normally works fine with. As far as I know it doesn't happen with games or major programs, but if you use any programs from ...
  • Cool! in reply to you convinced me :) by yellowAcid

    Let me know how it goes! I'm going to be working on those two things myself as well.
  • Feli City Works in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - SimCity by Day9

    But I doubt you'll have just one city. If you start another you should consider employing various golden age era comic sound effects, like Bam! Pow! or Plott!
  • Maybe in reply to tnx by yellowAcid

    Hmm ideally, once you have practiced looking at the minimap it should be as natural as looking at the main screen. So adding in resources should be just as easy as adding in the mini-map in the first place. That ...
  • One Thing At A Time in reply to Desperate for help with day9 #360 by yellowAcid

    You might be overloading your mind a bit. Do the exercises to the point where you start to have trouble and just focus on that, add layer by layer as it gets easier. It's like weight lifting or running for ...
  • Megaman X or Super Mario RPG in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    SNES classics both of them
  • Bet you it was vods in reply to I'm a big fan of newbie tuesday as well by filthyrake

    The fact that he had to spend time sorting through videos with his mods might be part of the reason. Yes he doesn't have to do it himself anymore, but those mods were volunteering their time. So if they can't ...
  • Seconded in reply to Rebind'em by FGsquared

    This is pretty much exactly what you have to do. Apparently at Blizzard they really enjoy their F5 through F8 screen hotkeys.
  • Friends in reply to Help a noob out by Itsalli

    Know anyone who plays in real life? I had this problem with fighting games until a group of my friends got together and decided to dedicate one night a week to beating the crap out of each other.I mean, anyone ...
  • When I'm Grandmaster in reply to Starcraft Music by ntucker

    Personal favorite:
  • Groups in reply to Wings of Liberty 2.0 by ntucker

    I'm really interested to see how people make use of groups when it gets thrown into WoL. The only problem I've had with them has been the player pool in HotS is so unbelievably tiny that there are a large ...
  • It's Certainly Different in reply to Changes in Game Mechanics by Day9

    Different styles of storytelling there. I do miss that "live on the edge" feeling from time to time. But I don't really miss that aspect of things too much. I think, once most games got longer and incorporated save points ...
  • Kevin the Panda Viking in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Day9

    I very much did enjoy having Kevin along for the ride. I hope he returns next week! :D
  • Haha wow in reply to Score by Omega068

    I love how he and Jesse were basically on the same wavelength from the get go. That was worth watching.
  • Interesting in reply to Caster Challenges! (EGiNcontroL) by LordMatsu

    Looks like a cool series.
  • Score in reply to Day[9] Plays Worms Revolution in "Iron Gamer" by ntucker

    Can't believe I missed that when it went up. Breakfast video secured for tomorrow.
  • Yikes in reply to Yeah, I got my key! by Kitty4Cat

    Sounds like you're PC is getting worse. Thought it just had streaming problems before. Also did you get to play it? Any thoughts on the game?
  • An LPer's Perspective in reply to What to do? Something to kill time. Help? by LordMatsu

    I think Let's Plays are quite oversaturated too, but only in a general sense. Once you go down into specific niches it's really not as crowded as you think. Lots of people do general walkthroughs with commentary. I'd say that ...
  • Time Will Tell in reply to I'm watching some casts of HotS by ReconAssailent

    I think that's just people's initial look at the situation. Since the beta keeps changing so fast HotS doesn't have a solid metagame for the later stages of the match. This may be one of the ways ZvT could work ...