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  • It Has Uses in reply to Unranked Matches add a touch of friendliness to sc2 by Marveck

    I'm pretty much ok with the ranking system, but I appreciate having unranked there for when I just want to experiment with something weird or get warmed up. It's nice not having to worry about a bad first game hurting ...
  • Inspiring Really in reply to The kindest opponents that you ever dun had? by OctopusBlues

    Really love the second story especially. The first was pretty nice too. Damn, makes me feel like I should try harder to be a better person when I play.
  • In addition to Carteblanc's point in reply to Just returning after a LONG break... where to start? by ToXiN

    I'd also recommend playing custom games like monobattles or just games with friends off ladder. The biggest danger when you restart is doing too much and burning yourself out. Concentrate on simple things at first and add more in as ...
  • Know the Feeling in reply to help :( by gray.timothyjames

    Ah I've been there. Was in silver when I started last year, got out of it and into gold. I transitioned into the beta and now I'm stuck in bronze facing opponents way better than what I ran into in ...
  • Pretty Much in reply to Don't Look At Bonus Pool Or Ladder Ranking by getonbored

    I've noticed pretty much the same thing. I'd go more by who you get matched up against than anything else. If you keep running into silver and gold players you should get bumped up fairly soon. The actual ranking is ...
  • Time Warp and Envision Swap in reply to Beta Balance Update #11 – January 9, 2013 by ntucker

    This was an interesting patch to join in on. I'm used to watching games where the mothership core can detect with envision, but it can't do that anymore so I find myself getting slaughtered by *insert cloaked/undergroudn unit here* while ...
  • Really in reply to cd keys? by zeek

    They can do that? Wow. I'll be sure to remember that if it happens to me or anyone else I know.
  • If It's Fun Keep At It in reply to I want your opinion on the 'Staircase' method of learning by Lasender

    I personally do the same thing with many games I play, not just SC2. The idea is actually a more focused version of what the Funday Mondays are trying to accomplish. Keeping in that spirit of things, if you become ...
  • Methods in reply to Name Help! by urbanicon

    You should really come up with a name on your own. Better that way, especially if you're trying to eventually get into casting. Here is some basic advice along those lines.Standard approaches people take seem to include making words up ...
  • Both in reply to Do you watch Day[9] to improve at Starcraft or for a different reason? by medivh

    I started out just watching the entertainment, but I've definitely improved from watching the videos myself, especially in terms of mechanics, big picture ideas, and approaches to dealing with problems. So I guess at the end of the day I'd ...
  • Sources of Replays in reply to Piece of cake by jbigg2012

    As a follow-up to jbigg, StarCraft 2 Replays - is a site I frequent for replays (includes non-pro games too!) as is » Replays (mostly pro games).Happy observing!
  • I see in reply to Use Map Settings by Aleron

    That's unfortunate. Guess at the end of the day lans with that game are still the way to go.
  • Sweet in reply to Day[9] Daily #532 - Grubby HotS games! by Day9

    Totally looking forward to it.
  • Never Tried and Husky in reply to Starcraft Broodwar by reuben.bartlett.37

    Thought about it a while back but the shortage of players and stories of cheaters sort of convinced me not to. Anyone watched Husky's playthrough of it?
  • Kind of a side note but... in reply to A New Race To Play? by foxhoman

    If unranked ever gets officially added to WoL it'd be a prefect solution to this kind of problem. But I suppose we can't assume that ever gets around before HotS comes out. I guess the next best thing to biting ...
  • Really? in reply to Haha by jbigg2012

    Nice! I'm on my third read of that book. It's amazing how many little gems are buried in it. And you're welcome. We all need a little encouragement now and again.
  • Happy To Play in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    League: GoldRace: ProtossName: OmegaCode 1477Currently just playing casually, but since I will be going on break at mid-December I'll be happy to play with more serious practice in mind then. Also looking for people to play with for fun. Kind ...
  • Hang In There in reply to Having a hard time following the philosophy by jbigg2012

    Before I say anything dude, I want you to know that you're already reaching the status of academic badass. There's not too many people who can pull off straight A's and working ahead from the get go. Congrats and keep ...
  • A Causal to Hardcore Journey in reply to HotS Beta key Contest by ntucker

    A long long time ago (late 90s and early 2000s) I was a young lad who loved gaming. My computer was not very good at the time so my exposure to games like Starcraft was extremely limited. When I first ...