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  • Second Weekend of September in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Hey guys! 6 matches this weekend. Check the original post for more!
  • Schedule for the First Weekend of September is up! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Saturday:7 pm Oxy vs AntiSunday:4 pm Fade vs printfStay tuned for any further updates.
  • Schedule updated! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Need a sub for a Diamond match! Tweet at me if you are interested!
  • Hm in reply to Pffffffffftno by GMFaustus

    I guess that's ok if you don't care. Kind of.
  • Wait in reply to I want to start pushing out raidcall so I'm gonna add it by LordMatsu

    You added the RaidCall stuff to Faust's post? Did you at least get his permission before doing that?
  • Hey there! in reply to Signed Up! by tentative_panda

    Sorry for the late response, stuff has been kind of nutso for me lately.Hmm I wouldn't say you need skype, but it would be much better if you had it. Doing interviews before and after becomes much more difficult without ...
  • First weekend of August in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Hey guys! Friday (1st): Shadver vs TheProbeToss 4 pm PDT Sunday:Hero vs Manderson 4 pm PDTStream: two matches have been confirmed as of now. Also I may need subs at the Plat and Gold levels of play. If you ...
  • Hopefully in reply to Day[9]'s HearthStone Decktacular #26 - Naxxramas Day 1 by Day9

    Well it *should* be out by then at any rate.
  • Third Weekend of July in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Schedule is up! Saturday:5 pm (PDT) Fade vs PrintfSunday:4 pm (PDT) Mercury vs Nomad
  • Second Weekend of July Schedule! in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Friday:7 or 5 pm AMH vs AceAl (Replays, 1)Saturday:12 pm Montasaurus vs Experta (2)Sunday:Nothing
  • Agree on the pause thing in reply to I totally agree Travis by Marko3Blokes

    Though I imagine that's something that will come with this observer interface they keep promising.
  • Yeah that's a problem in reply to I honestly by LordMatsu

    I really hope they put a dnd in too. Even aside from the cheating issues, the idea that some random person on a player's friend's list can message them in the middle of the tourney and the message can show ...
  • Saturday casts in reply to Last Weekend of June Schedule by Omega068

    Unfortunately I'm running on minimal sleep and have an ear infection. Fortunately Threx and Caes have offered to cast in my place! So they're doing that right now! (Anti or Freekz may step in for Caes later in the day.)
  • Last Weekend of June Schedule in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    Hey guys! Schedule is up in the original post! Friday:7 pm Fade vs Forcefields (1)Saturday:12 pm Anuzarg vs Manderson (1)2 pm Experta vs Montasaurus (2)7 pm TrapDorSpida vs Bacon Pants (2)Sunday:4 pm SLeet vs LeGeND (1)6 pm AMH vs AceAl ...
  • July 2nd Weekend Schedule is up in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    check the original post for more info
  • Ohhhh in reply to Yep - giant rework eta 4 weeks by WHiT3R4bBiT

    OK. That should be pretty interesting.
  • Thanks in reply to Really nice by Anuzarg

    Yeah I think it's better too. Left that part out because we're not really looking for anyone at the moment.
  • So yeah in reply to On our list of bugs to fix by SteppeLively

    This is still on the planned fixes right? I was going to add that it seems to obliterate Shift-enter spaces when there's a certain number in a row. And usually the last one. Tried to recreate it down here and ...
  • Day[Knight] Showmatches

    Hey guys! I thought it was about time to remake the showmatch thread since the other one got so massive. Plus it wasn't actually in the SC2 forum; so I thought I'd take the opportunity to move it.For those of ...
  • *Uses Ressurect* in reply to Heroes of the Storm - Blizzard MOBA by fazzino.joe

    Hokay some of us now actually have this game. I am one of them. And I'd like more people to play with:Omega#11553Also those of you who already have me added on need to add me a second time for ...