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  • Cya tomorrow! in reply to Great by Fluffyflow

    Can't wait :)
  • SORRY in reply to Superb by Fluffyflow

    Sorry for not replying sooner guys! But, I am good for Saturday later in the day for sure since I work until 5 in the afternoon
  • Zerg friend! in reply to Hey! by Fluffyflow

    Just sent you a friend request! And I am good for Sunday this weekend, or Saturday just later in the day when I am done work.
  • Awesome! in reply to Great! by Omega068

    As much as I am not a fan of ZvZ I'd still love to participate, the Zerg has responded to me, and we're figuring out the best day to play
  • I'd be interested in playing! in reply to DayKnight Show Matches by Omega068

    I haven't played in awhile, but, I used to be a high platinum Zerg, I'd say right now I'm a high gold at best! But, if you need players I'd love to play.