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  • A day later.. in reply to Distributing information by Osomo

    Info regarding the schedule came up, great!
  • Update - Holidays and such in reply to Distributing information by Osomo

    I figured I'd bump this to further give some more feedback regarding the shows and the information about it happening or not. Don't get me wrong, it's totally understandable that Sean takes a lot of time off during the holidays, ...
  • Again in reply to You're right and normally he does by Kai.Herbertz

    Looked up on Twitter/Facebook (he seems to have linked his twitter directly to his facebook, makes sense) and all he said today was its good to be back. This was sent aprox 4hrs before the show, so the possibilty for ...
  • in reply to Distributing information by Osomo

    Uh, either I'm blind or I can't see it. All I'm seeing is the day[9] daily saying itll run mon-thur as 7pm pst. The 'Show Notes' is probably what you meant, problem here is that it seems to only list ...
  • Distributing information

    I was looking forward to a 'Mostly Walking' show tonight and saw no signs of it being cancelled on sites like twitter or facebook. Got informed later, at 4AM that the show wouldn't happen tonight, don't get me wrong, it's ...