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  • Neat in reply to Need friends? by Zicarios

    Not a NA player, but the idea sounds good, I suggest spreading the word on other community sites, since dayknights are awesome, but dont account for all of sc2 community. Infact perhaps it would be better to keep this initiative ...
  • Nice in reply to I suggest the Abathur funday monday by matgopack

    I would watch this!
  • APM in reply to Wings of Liberty 2.0 by ntucker

    Have they changed the way APM is calculated? Just that played few unranked games( woo for my new build testing grounds)and whereas before my APM hitting 90 was a rare and celebrated occurrence, now I seem to get above 100's ...
  • I thought I said this already in reply to Great discussion by Rhaige

    Somehow I feel like this is what I wrote before, written differently. Purpose? Exploration of human condition... I think the notion of " it has a Purpose of estetichal effect through expression" is redundant and incomplete, and if I haven't ...
  • Cool in reply to Slaughterfest II, 64 Man Bron to Plat SC2 Tourny with a $50 Prize Pool by Teedly

    Looks really cool, glad to see stuff like this popping up, now just to wait for something like this to happen for EU!
  • It may in reply to It may seem Broad by Philosopher

    I agree if it's the unmodified definition, but I don't think that everything people make explores/depicts human condition(The human condition encompasses the experiences of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context.) In fact I think that distinction is ...
  • Well... in reply to So the next question is by Philosopher

    "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,...: "the art of the Renaissance"Works produced by such skill and imagination."Google gave me this definition and I like it, though ...
  • Silver P here in reply to strategy against P as T by boxxy

    Well, I'll admit that in general early rax pressure tends to give me a headache, still, my win rate against terrans is much higher than other matchups. What would I do, not entirely sure, since there are so many ways ...
  • Good Games in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    Finally found some time for sc2, at long last! Played 2 games. Game 1: I have been loving going 4gate zealot+sentry vs zerg lately, and for most part it's very effective (I'm in silver), but today my opponent taught me ...
  • My Story in reply to HotS Beta key Contest by ntucker

    Some 5-6 years ago me and my friend picked Starcraft up, I had played before and liked it, but never got into it that much. We started playing, 2 of us against AI and got our asses handed to us ...
  • I wonder in reply to The Korean Advantage by Zarrow

    I am just a lowly bronze fellow, but I have noticed that my game greatly improves, if I don't waste any brain power on "That's not good, oshitoshitoshit, I should attack with all I have right now, or should I..." ...
  • Keep Calm and build Pylons in reply to How do you keep your calm by mikhail.kolesnik.7

    Hello Just recently I realised that I was playing the game wrong, at least in a wrong way for me. I would be in constant panic mode "OMG HE HAS THOSE UNITS? WHAT DO I DO? MY MACRO SLIPPED! OH ...
  • Day[9] POV

    Is there any picture/daily that shows how Sean's computer setup looks? He mentioned having 3 monitors on Daily #521 so that was interesting, but it only fueled my interest to see how the messiah to my SC2 skills has arranged ...