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  • RE: I find in reply to I find by BeastlyDayKnight

    I suppose it's mostly about what you're used to having. I for instance have always used Teamspeak or Ventrilo when I used voice comms. ^^
  • RE: True in reply to True by LordMatsu

    As you mentioned, not a lot of people use the Raidcall, so you won't require a big TS server in the beginning. That means we could launch a 10-15 people server to begin with, and if people start using it, ...
  • RE: If you're willing to pay for it in reply to If you're willing to pay for it by LordMatsu

    I'd be more than willing to host the server if people are willing to use it. I am aware that there's already a Raidcall server, but you do have to create an account to be able to use it, it's ...
  • TS3 Server Hosting

    Heyo Dayknights & DameKnights! I've been an avid viewer of the Day9 daily & Day Off, but haven't gotten around to subscribing yet. I've been wondering how many people would be interested in haveing a TS3 Server dedicated to the ...