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  • About: I'm a pretty invested gamer though never been good enough to actually accomplish a competitive standing. I've been playing Starcraft 2 ever since its release (on and off) and can't wait for the full release of Heart of the Swarm. I'm a Graduate Student in Australia and am currently investing a lot of time into finishing my thesis and applying for PhD programmes. I'd like to play a larger part in the esports community than I already do, and a lot of my spare time goes into convincing my friends about what esports is about and its ability to grow
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  • Looking for Graduate/PostGraduate students in Cognitive Science

    Hey All,Philosopher here. I'm currently trying to find researchers (Postgraduate, Graduates, Post-doctorates, etc) in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience who are using Starcraft 2 (or other games) as a tool to measure Cognitive abilities. This sounds broad, and it should be! If ...
  • Ok Clarification in reply to Question to Manga/Comic Book readers by Philosopher

    So yeah 1. I don't want to start reading well established Series because I feel I will always be playing catch-up. 2. I don't really have a 'Genre' preference. In terms of Manga anything would be kool. In terms of ...
  • Question to Manga/Comic Book readers

    Hey Guys, Thinking of getting back into reading Manga and Comic books. Its been a while since I have read any, and I don't necessarily want to go back and read series which are well into their 30-40th episode. If ...
  • SEA clans looking for Clan Wars with EU/NA Based Groups

    Hey Guys, Philosopher here with another message from down under. I'm looking to increase the amount of Clan Wars that SEA currently has by getting contacts with Clans from EU and NA. SEA has a number of Clans which are ...
  • SEAcraft Weekly #8 $100 Mon 23rd June.

    SEAcraft Weekly An Open-Bracket, Single Elimination Tournament[/U][/B] Prize Pool[CENTER]1st Place - $50 + 80 OSC Points2nd Place - $30 + 50 OSC Points3rd Place - $15 + 25 OSC Points4th Place - 15 OSC Points5th-8th - 5 OSC Points9th-16th 2.5 ...
  • My thoughts on another terrible Tragedy.

  • Philosophy Bytes

    So I finally decided to do something..I started a vlog which will follow the progress of my PhD from Start to finish.The First video is here
  • SEAcraft Weekly #4

    SEAcraft Weekly An Open-Bracket, Single Elimination Tournament Prize Pool: 1st Place - $30 + 45 OSC Points 2nd Place - $15 + 25 OSC Points 3rd Place - $5 + 10 OSC Points 4th Place - 10 OSC Points 5th-8th ...
  • This is cool in reply to Dear Day[9], please come and MC our wedding! by Eeeegor

    Congratulations to you guys!!! Hope Day9 is able to make this dream happen...Kickstarter it DayKnights!
  • Congratulations in reply to Graduated College! by Bru

    It is a wonderful achievement to have finished a degree and you should be congratulated for the hard work that you have put into it. Including having finished a novel!
  • Interesting. in reply to Google plans to buy Twitch by saintgeminis

    It is still disputed, the piece in the Wall Street Journal says this, that the deal is yet to go through. There is legal precedent to challenge the actual purchase. Because both Youtube and are #1 in their fields ...
  • SEAcraft Weekly #2

    SEAcraft Weekly #2An Open-Bracket, Single Elimination TournamentPrize Pool: 1st Place - $30 + 45 OSC Points2nd Place - $15 + 25 OSC Points3rd Place - $5 + 10 OSC Points4th Place - 10 OSC Points5th-8th - 5 OSC PointsOSC PointsAnyone ...
  • Race? in reply to Current Metagame by Natusake

    Whats your race?
  • Sorry for the bump in reply to Dead Fantasy? RWBY? - Badass Animation by LordMatsu

    Just watched through the entire series of RWBY. F--king brilliant show. American Anime has, I think, always been a little uglier than its Japanese counter-part, but I really love the animation style of Rwby. While some frames are a little ...
  • Protoss Discussion Group

    Hey Guys, Are you a Protoss? Are you having trouble against those pesky Zerg and crazy Terrans? Do you want to join a group that is all protoss all the time, for help, discussion and tips.
  • Fixed in reply to Interesting review by jbigg2012

    Made some changes based on your suggestion. I too like AM, it is basically all I run with my Barbarian and WD (70[50]). But replaying the Campaign with a Crusader is really fun as well and I don't feel like ...
  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls review.

    Almost two years after the release of Diablo 3, the monolith that is Blizzard returns with an outstanding expansion, Reaper of Souls. If you played Diablo 3 and had lost faith in the franchise, Reaper of Souls restores it to ...
  • SC2SEA

    Hey DayKnights, I'm writing this, mostly for Australians, New Zealanders, Singaporeans..anyone from South East Asia. You might not know this, but we have a small, but vibrant Starcraft community over at
  • I'll add you in reply to Looking for a coach / mentor / friends to play with ! :D by Hellhoundpro

    My tag is Philosopher #1531 I'm almost always on...I'm still learning to play, so perhaps we can learn from each other. Also...I'm getting a new microphone/headset soon but don't have one at the moment.
  • B/S/G, P/D, M/GM Team Leagues

    Dear DayKnights and other travellers of the Internets, It has been a while since I posted anything on these here forums, but I've been working hard at hardly working and finally I have something to contribute! I present to you ...