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  • SNES in reply to Top 5 Must Play Games by Console by Day9

    1. Zelda - Link to the Past - This is the game that got me into games.2. Chrono Trigger - I spent an entire summer on this game, and would play it again today and likely have just as much ...
  • The fact that in reply to What frustrates you most about playing StarCraft? by Day9

    SC2 is not like riding a bike, for me. As a busy guy I go weeks at a time without playing, and I find that my SC2 skills have atrophied way more than I think they should. I love the ...
  • am I missing something? in reply to Presenting Liquid'iNcontroL vs EGTLO by LordMatsu

    did this really happen?
  • ahhhhhh in reply to Is... Is this Day9's evil twin brother?! by jesper.vonhedemann

    are you kidding me? What was that ladies issue? I hope whoever her manager is sees this vid and sees how she was treating that customer. She was totally out of line.
  • nope. in reply to A little bit in here by maciej.gorczyca

    only about multitasking and the potential applications vid games have in learning. Though it is nice to see SC2 in such a light, even if it is mostly speculative.
  • middle america... in reply to Time by Sareex

    is unfortunately not romania (though I wish this were not so).
  • wait... in reply to DreamHack Open: Bucharest 2013 Group Stage - Day 1 by Day9

    This srsly start at 2:50 in the AM?
  • Source? in reply to Actually... thats not entirely true by pure27

    Can I have a citation? I have a hard time believing that a person would waste time and money deciding which activity causes there to be more neural activity between chess and an RTS computer game. What could possibly by ...
  • Watch me in reply to NO by maciej.gorczyca

    In one broad sweeping statement contradict everything you just said.NODon't try to come up with anything new by yourself. The very fact that there is a possibility that you will not come up with anything "ground breaking" means that you ...
  • Learn to post properly? in reply to After probes and pylons... by RzMWood

    Ha. JK. I've been a SC2 player for close to year. I started in mid-silver, and now (after time) I'm top plat. It was a very gradual process and Day9 talks about something I'm going to mention in his daily#100: ...
  • as a toss player in reply to ZvP Lategame help me by PuPu

    i dislike it most late game when z goes ultra hydra, or when they go gglords. or when they go mass muta/ling. or when they just tech switch a lot...
  • 4 times out of 5 in reply to Macro pls by duckduck

    when I play someone who plays random on the ladder they tend to do a cheesy build.
  • As a requirement to get from... in reply to I Would Really Like to Hire StarCraft 2 Players by kylevberg

    The college of Liberal Arts to the college of Business within the University of Iowa, you must submit a resume. My resume got rejected solely because I put "Platinum StarCraft2 Player" on it. It was, as stated, "unprofessional". As such, ...
  • If anyone else is interested... in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Hi all!I am looking for Gold/Plat/Dia players to practice with. I play protoss in plat currently, and I am looking for every race to practice agnst on NA. If interested add me!Oppenheimer#326See ya on
  • you know what i miss? in reply to No daily today! by Day9

    Watching day[9] ladder. That was a fun relaxed way to learn.
  • The things I would do.... in reply to SC2 Logos Cut on the Water Jet for Sean? Would he take them? by kevin.wilt.121

    to get a hold of that toss logo......Those are stinkin awesome
  • I second that motion in reply to [REQUEST] NaNiwa Ro16 Games by if.granas

    I tried to roughly (the best I could) reproduce his build on the ladder last night. It worked VERY well, though I'd like your insight into the strat as well.
  • interesting thought. in reply to Is Cheating Integral to Video Game Aesthetics? by aaronschroeder

    Let me start by saying that I believe you should clearly define what you consider constitutes as cheating, as it can be an abstract concept. I for example would say cheating is bending the rules of a game in ways ...
  • Right?!?! in reply to no you're not by Zakath

    I was going to make a time of it. Though yes, this will have to do. Thank you for making me not feel so crazy. :)
  • am i seriously crazy...? in reply to SC2L Week 3 - Axiom vs Acer by Day9

    or did this say EG vs Liquid earlier td? im confuzzled