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  • Or.. in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Hearthstone Laddering by Day9

    He should play Deadly Premonition! Let's give him a comedy/horror game. =D
  • dualbooting in reply to best video settings for new MacBook Pro Retina? by

    is very likely worth it. I play on a 2010 (pre-Retina) MBP 15" and I have to play EVERY game (SC2, Guild Wars 2, even LoL -- hardly the most graphically intense game on the market) at minimum or near-minimum ...
  • Re: in reply to For once a cracked article I disagree with by Gameroo

    I normally love cracked, but Felix Clay annoys me like no one else.
  • today i learned in reply to here's the thing by Lizard

    Blizzard customer service is incredibly helpful! I was only on hold for a couple minutes and now I have Starcraft again. This is a good day!
  • okay but in reply to You could talk to NTucker about it, he literally designed this website by jbigg2012

    the last time I clicked that LIVE, it took me to the show notes page for the currently playing daily, instead of taking me to the daily itself
  • website design?

    So my girlfriend wanted to watch day9! Which is awesome!...Except when she got to the site, she couldn't find a link to the currently playing daily. Not sure if this is because she showed up around 1130 and the daily, ...
  • because you all will understand my pain

    I'm just going to tell you all this story because I'm frustrated.So, I haven't played in a while, but my brother gets me a beta key for my birthday. So, cool. I redeem it but never get around to actually ...