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  • Cool in reply to this is how would do it by feynman

    Thanks for the advice. Im surprised you responded to a 7 month old post, but your efforts were not wasted. Things will be different though in LoTV, and this will probably be easier to deal with.
  • Ya I guess i could have been more aggressive early on in reply to Some Notes by Aziaza

    But I really just want to know what composition I'm aiming for to take out mech efficiently in the late late game. But thanks for the feedback.
  • Yeah i guess that would be a good idea in reply to replays by printf

    http://drop.sc/394096 I know the defense in the beginning was very sloppy, but i was still ahead in workers, and the game went on for much longer, so it's not like that single-handedly lost me the game.
  • That would be good advice in reply to SCOUT by BeastlyDayKnight

    ...if I played zerg. I'm guessing you didn't read the whole post because i play Protoss, but that's okay, it was an honest mistake.
  • Can't Beat Terran Mech

    I'm having a lot of trouble with Terrans who go mech. When they go super greedy and take mega fast third and fourth bases defended with planetaries, there is just nothing I can do.