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  • Thanks in reply to Thought from a Master by jppiedboeuf

    Thanks sir and i'll even try to put my replay here so everyone can see it..I truly appreciate all the help that everyone has been giving me. This is why i love Starcraft...it allows great talent like Sean and Mike ...
  • Thank You Kind Sir in reply to Hit 'em where it hurts. by Rootkit

    Yea that does make a lot of sense and I thank you for the response....HEY DAY[9] SHOULD DO A DAILY ON HOW TO COUNTER SKYTOSS JUST LIKE THE ONE WITH THE BEATING A WIDOW MINING PLAYER :D anyone up for ...
  • Sure in reply to Results by Scoob

    Sure. I'll let you know and thanks again for the help :D
  • Thanks in reply to Well by Scoob

    Thank you very much i will try this
  • How do you fight against Sky Toss?

    Hello wonderful Day[9] viewers...I am a Gold Level Terran and I am having HUGE difficulty countering the SkyToss. In talking with my friends we've drawn a blank. Help help! Any ideas/strats/builds that shut SkyToss down...It seems this is a HUGE ...
  • We need more Terran TIPS!!!! in reply to Day[9] Daily #565 - LiquidSnute ZvT vs Mine Openings by Day9

    Hey guys I really hope Sean does some dailies on the terran side of things..seems to be a lack of those lately.