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  • You Should Check Out... in reply to [H] Help me back in shape! by Toadie

    LowkoTV, his guides are easy to follow and he explains things perfectly. He has guides to each matchup which should help you out. He is a high masters player, knows what he is talking about. Has good game sense too. ...
  • Wow in reply to might be wrong by readdyeddy

    With Flash at the helm, deepmind is going to have an amazing chance against anyone. Flash at his best is godly. :)
  • I think... in reply to Thought on Deepmind and Starcraft? by readdyeddy

    Dark, Byun and possibly Zest. There could be a coupla different protoss players, though Zest is the most consistent player. Would be sick to watch and see, after seeing Byuns crazy micro and darks crazy holds. :)
  • Awesome Idea in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Name: Randomizer (EU) B.netID: Randomizer#'2878 League: Silver Race: Zerg and Random (depending on mood) Hey just looking for someone willing to want to either help me improve or wanting to improve along side. Let me know if your interested. :)