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  • Rebuilding lost exps.... in reply to 4/29/13 Funday Monday Question by samuser1234

    Wait til the next 5....? Or as soon as you have the cash?
  • I think your priors are off... in reply to Nice credibility Day9 by iNxLaidyn

    ...if you think that it is more likely that the eSports community, with lots of players and commentators who all the take game very seriously are all in a giant conspiracy that could be broken by any of them in ...
  • Clever in reply to I think it's for seeing the cool down.. by justin.boatman.33

    Might have to give that a try when playing Protoss.
  • Hot Warp Gates in reply to title by BearLogic

    I've noticed a couple of responses, (and I think day9 himself when he streams) tend to assign warp gates to their own hotkey, instead of relying on "w" or some rebinding of it. Is there a reason for this? Maybe ...
  • [H] ZvT in HotS patch 7

    Know ya'll wanna hear about a struggling Zerg :P. So I'm currently Gold in HotS, though I was Plat in WoL and I've heard that might be a tad more accurate. I'm struggling post patch with marauder/hellbats. I tend to ...