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  • Is there a lot of dead space in BW maps?

    Just watching GSL, noticing the new maps with so much dead space and maneuverability, wondering if a lot BW maps compare to their now modern counterparts. Insight would be nice.
  • Alright so after a year of being away, I have returned

    And here is the dealio. A long time ago I made some accusatory threads and then slithered away. I didn't care if people answered them or not because the reactions I got were unimportant. What is important was that I ...
  • What advice can you give for someone who is just starting out?

    I've actually been sitting on a podcast show idea for years and I am stable enough to start making it/getting it out there. You are one of my inspirations for doing so as well as a few others and I'm ...
  • LoL Not even close in reply to Negativity creates nothing by Kai.Herbertz

    No, he can do whatever he wants. He can succeed as a pro player or just keep casting/making videos. I guess it doesn't matter in this debate because I've moved on.
  • No he isn't in reply to What are you talking about? by CptCross

    He hasn't been a pro player since he quit Broodwar and decided there was more money to be had in what he was uniquely making at the time which was his show. That let him move into casting and arriving ...
  • I know he has made himself an icon in reply to he doesn't need to... by NameLips

    I probably should've started this out with wondering if he going to play Starcraft II on his stream and just focus on that for a day over anything else. Or even play have a Starcraft Tournament and show off his ...
  • So I was watching SKPlanet the other night

    And today decided to go through all Day9's shows again. Well a funny thing happened, Forgg was up against Stork! So after the match ended I paused things and went into the archive to fnd the legendary game. I wonder ...
  • Yeah but still in reply to The problem by Terakahn

    He's mentioned it and it would be fun to actually watch him play Starcraft on his stream aside from analyzing stuff. He could even play Starcraft and show us his skills with what he remembers from it. No need to ...
  • So when is Day9 going to be a pro player again?

    He has expressed wanting to do it and maybe step down a little from casting but has never really given a final decision on it.
  • That's so weird in reply to Day[9] Daily #532 - Assorted PvP openings by Day9

    I remember you streaming earlier and then noticed Scarlet was streaming..... I'm sorry for cheating on you with her. But you seemed to be doing fine. I wonder what happened and I hope you can get the problem fixed asap. ...