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  • Go for it! in reply to we.. we should do that too by galan

    It totally makes the games a lot more hilarious. Even when we were losing, we were still cracking up because of just how wrong things actually turned out! I can't guarantee it'll work that well in diamond (the games are ...
  • Update #1 in reply to Funday-ing up the 2v2 Scene! by RealityMaster

    So with silly strategies under our belt, we finally got promoted in 2v2s for the first time ever! Turns out that no queens mixed with expand every 10 minutes works out really well! No Gas until 4th coupled with not ...
  • Funday-ing up the 2v2 Scene!

    So my brother, a Silver League Zerg and Toss, and myself, a Gold League Terran, have struggled for the longest time in 2v2. Every game, we're miscommunicated, we didn't prepare for a rush, I forget depots, or he forgets overlords/pylons. ...
  • Subscriber Monobattles? in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Darkest Dungeon by Day9

    Would be neat to see these again!
  • Personally... in reply to Thoughts on the new Swarm Host change from Blizzard? by XecutorAdun

    As a gold league Terran player, I love this! One of the most frustrating things about TvZ is when you both need to mass up your siege units, only for both of you to sit at the exact same spots ...